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Balancing school and part-time work can be difficult, especially as a 3rd-year University student who finds herself having to juggle an increased workload and working part-time. Between readings, assignments, and actual work, at times it feels like I can’t get a break. It is very often that I finish my day at 10 pm and find myself feeling burnt out and exhausted. I have since discovered how important it was for me to learn how to recharge after a long day in order for me to feel refreshed in the morning and be ready to conquer the world. After implementing a few lifestyle changes and practicing self-care, I have been able to rejuvenate myself after long, exhausting hours. Here’s how:

Showering or taking a bath after a long day is one of the best ways for me to unwind. I find that showering or taking a bath at night helps me wash the exhaustion away and helps with getting a better night’s sleep. For me, a warm bath is a great way to feel relaxed and get rid of any sore muscles. Plus, it saves you time in the morning! The next step after showering is my skincare routine. On days that I find myself feeling more mentally exhausted than usual, I like putting on sheet masks. While I wait for the sheet mask to set in, I take the time to either watch Netflix or write in my journal.   

Journaling is another way I relax after a difficult day. For me, journaling is a necessary part of my nightly routine. Through journaling, I am able to write about my day and de-stress. But it’s also an opportunity for positive self-talk. When I journal, I like to write about my day and note one simple goal I want to accomplish the next day; that way, I have something to look forward to. After journaling, I try to get a ton of sleep to be ready for the following day! 

I believe that having a mini self-care night after a long day is the key to feeling much better the following morning. The idea of self-care is a very broad and subjective topic. What self-care looks like to me might not look the same for everyone else. You need to learn what brings you joy in life and implement that into your lifestyle. For me, self-care looks like revisiting dearly beloved old sitcoms and eating my favourite Mexican food. Self-care is what makes you feel like the happiest and the most peaceful version of yourself. Through self-care, I am able to recharge after a long day.

Ayat Ibrahim

UWindsor '24

Ayat is a fourth year English Literature student, lover of cats, food and coffee. In her spare time, she can be found either reading or watching bad sitcoms.