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This semester at Her Campus UWG, we are focusing on trailblazing women that are leaving their mark on the student body. As a women led organization, we feel that it is our duty to interact with women in leadership positions. We had the opportunity to interview and connect with Sydney Clarke, a senior at the University of West Georgia. 

Who is Sydney Clarke?

Clarke is currently majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Business Management. She is currently using her leadership skills at her internship with Quality Control Music. The opportunity has allowed for her to expand her networking so that she can get a job offer upon graduating. She describes herself as being hardworking and taking on challenging tasks that others may ask of her. “The worst that someone can tell you is no,” Clarke states. This is a noteworthy piece of advice as many women are afraid to go after what they want in a world that has gender based obstacles to keep them down. 

How do you set yourself apart?

Sydney Clarke became enthusiastic as we asked her this question. She stated that she tries to bring fresh ideas to the table that others might not think of. Her ability to take charge and contribute to group settings is notable. Her Campus was able to see her in action as she coordinated NCNW’s Pass The Aux event. The event consisted of students showcasing their musical talents to A&R’s from Quality Control Music. Clarke was able to organize and co-host the event with the help of her fellow N-Sisters. 

What advice would you provide to someone aspiring to your level of success?

Clarke emphasizes the necessity of networking in your preferred job path. Though we are not exactly in the city, we are very close, and Atlanta is the world’s Hip Hop Mecca. She believes that social media plays a significant role in locating various events and networking in general. LinkedIn is the most important professional social-networking platform to be on since it has such a diverse range of businesses and people on it. Clarke stresses the importance of developing a relationship with the person before approaching them about a job or internship.

How will you continue to leave your mark on campus and after?

Sydney is graduating in May, and she says that even though the big day is approaching, she thinks it’s only appropriate that she throws one last event. She wants to do another event that is similar but not identical to Pass The Aux. She was thinking of switching colleges and wanted to bring what she learned at UWG to Metro Atlanta College. She highlights the importance of allowing everyone to showcase their talents. What she actually desires is to bring impactful events to our school. Clarke says that after graduation in five years, she hopes to be in the room she has worked so hard to be in. She resigned from her job working in retail while in college to pursue her internships and professional objectives. Ultimately, she wants the work that she’s currently putting in, to be shown in five years.

We are delighted that we were able to work with Sydney Clarke and we wish her the best in her future endeavors. We look forward to seeing what she accomplishes in the near future as she is just getting started.

Katelyn is a sophomore at the University of West Georgia and majoring in psychology with a double minor in sociology and gender & sexuality studies. She is also the Vice President of the HC UWG chapter.
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