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Spring Fashion Essentials to Have in Your Wardrobe

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWG chapter.

Spring is finally here! Winter has come to an end and warmer weather is just springing up. Although, if you’re in Georgia, the weather has been on and off of the late. Spring is the time when beautiful flowers begin to blossom and trees begin to show their colors. Spring is also the time of rebirth and renewal so why not celebrate this year with the perfect wardrobe essentials for this Spring year!

1. White Tee

Photo by 张 学欢 on Unsplash

A white tee is something that almost every girl has in her closet. If you don’t, I highly recommend you go buy one. You can never go throw with those white tees. From a fitted tee with a low scoop to a fitted rib crew tee, you can always style them with anything you have in your wardrobe. White is a color that pairs well with so many other colors. You can style them tucked in with a high-waisted denim jeans or you can wear them loose hanging over your boyshorts.

2. Mini Dresses/Skirts

Photo by Emmanuel Bior on Unsplash

Georgia’s Spring weather goes from hot during the day to cold in the evenings. I always love bringing out those mini dresses and skirts to wear for the Spring. Now, I’m not talking about those tight mini dresses and skirts. I’m talking about the ones that flow. I am a floral lover. I just love everything floral so my Spring dresses are mostly floral dresses. I’d usually pair them with brown ankle booties or my tan wedges. I also have my leather jacket with me just in case it gets cold at night. With those mini skirts, you can top it with a nice crop top or one your white tees (heyyy). And, as the weather gets warmer, why not show a little skin? Wear the jacket if it’s cold and ditch it when it gets hot.

3. Maxi Dresses/Skirts

Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

When it comes to maxi dresses or skirts, people always wonder if it’s okay to wear them in the Spring. Why, of course is it! You don’t have to wait until those summer beach weathers to wear them. Maxi dresses come with sleeves or no sleeves so it doesn’t matter if it gets cold since you’ll have those and a jacket. And, just like those mini flowy dresses, florals are the way to go! No one will think you’re overdressing for anything, especially in the Spring.

4. Colored Skinny Jeans

Photo by Fashion Trend Seeker

I like to pair my colored skinny jeans with a white tee or a black crop top. Take Eva Longoria, for example. She pairs a very nice button white top with light peach skinny jeans. White tops usually pair well with colored pants. Try pairing light colors together to give that cheerful and fresh look for the Spring weather. Sometimes, dark colors items are better for the Fall and Winter. If you’ve got any pastel skinny jeans, that works perfectly in the Spring.

5. Light Jacket/Cardigan

Photo by Stacie LaMothe from Pinterest

Even though the weather isn’t winter cold, the Spring weather still has those chilly moments. Light jackets and cardigans are the best way to go. You can never go wrong with leather jackets but also think about choosing light jackets that go well with your outfit. The image above is the perfect example of the kind of jacket you should wear for the Spring. Demin jackets are perfect too! Remember to dress in layers so you can be prepared for those twisted warm to cold days. You can always ditch the layers if you get hot.

6. Rain Boots

Photo from SheFinds Media

Spring weather calls for constant rain, especially if you’re living in Georgia. Rain boots are a must if you are planning to be out and about in the rain. If the weather is saying there will be heavy rain falling, you best believe that there will be some pretty heavy rainfalls. Rain boots protect your socks and your feet from getting wet. Trust me, those regular boots don’t do much and you’ll come home to wet socks and nasty feet. When picking rain boots, it’s not all about finding the pair to match. These kinds of boots are meant to be bold and bright. They make a statement that’s supposed to be fun. Don’t sell yourself short with these trendy rain boots.

7. Flats

Photo from Just a Tina Bit

There are so many flats out there to wear during the Spring. It is nearly impossible to get an outfit wrong with the choice of flats. From ballet flats to pointed closed toe flats to laced up flats, any of these would work. Black and neutral colors definitely pair well with anything but you can also pick pastel colors that might match your top. Just like in the picture above, most girls will pair their footwear with their handbags. Light brown also works really well with denim.

8. Fashion Sneakers

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

If you’re wanting to go out looking cute but also comfy, fashion sneakers are the way to go. They are the new go-to for the best kind of comfort your feet can get. You don’t just have to pair them with pants. You can also wear them casually or dressy. Even some brides are choosing to wear fashionable sneakers at their weddings. Pair your fashion sneakers based on the color of your outfit. It’s always best to make sure your colors match or they go along with their aesthetic. Don’t think it about it so much. Just go out and do it! When style meets comfort, it’s a win-win fashion situation for everyone.

9. Wedges

Photo from The Sister Studio by Jen Reed

Heels are a girl’s best friend. Well, they’re my best friends. For the Spring, wedges are the perfect footwear to pair with any one of your outfits. They have a great way of making your legs look longer and taller (for those of us who are short). The best color for wedges would be a neutral or light brown color. They match really well with maxi dresses and even with those short skirts. Wedges work perfectly paired with a denim jacket or those boyfriend jeans.

10. Handbags

Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

Handbags are one of the go-to essentials to carry around things that you need in your everyday life. Of course, any color and any style will do. But if you’re looking for the perfect match, try pairing your handbag to match with your jacket/cardigan or with your shoes.

With all of these essentials, you’ll be ready to step out into the Spring weather. Make sure you stock up on neutral items to match your outfits with. They also pair well in other seasons too so it’s definitely worth your money. Happy Spring!

Victoria is a senior at the University of West Georgia. She is an English major with a minor in Mass Communications. She loves fashion, coffee, reading, writing and all things related to motorcycles.