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Self-Care Should Be Your Number One Priority

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWG chapter.


Life can be hard sometimes and we often forget to take care of ourselves in the process. We have school, work, relationships, we somehow always forget to check in with ourselves. Through my college experience, I learned a little thing called self-care.

I did something I never did before, I took the day off. After class, I just decided to take time for myself. I went out and got a mani-pedi, something I haven’t done since December last year. I got the deluxe special for the pedicure with hot towels. I just got paid so I decided to splurge myself. I went and ate at my favorite food place and didn’t think about how much weight I was going to gain. I went shopping and got myself some clothes and new boots for winter. Went to the gym after months of avoiding and didn’t pass out after my workout. Came home and took a hot bath with lavender bath salt and put a citrus sheet mask on myself. Having those five hours set me back into focus. I took that time to take care of myself.

Self-care is something we always talk about but never take the time to do. Self-care can be anything that gives you some peace and ease. Taking a hot bath, going out to the gym, shopping or even just window shopping are things to take your mind off the stress that had you on edge earlier. Not taking that time for yourself can cause your stress to get worse, which can lead to depression and self-harm. Your body will tell you when you need to take a break and when it has you sleeping in and missing your alarm three days in a row, you need to press pause.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, tired, or just need a break, take a mental health day and give yourself some much-deserved me-time.

I'm a senior at UWG. I'm majoring in Biology and minoring in psychology. I've loved writing and all about female empowerment and succeeding in college. My hobbies are writing, of course, dance, shopping, and my Youtube channel, Simply Simone.
I am a senior at the University of West Georgia studying Mass Communications concentrating on Digital Media and Telecommunications. My minor is in English literature. I hope to become a content creator once I graduate this December!