Reasons to get a Job on Campus



Hello wolves and welcome back to another amazing school year! Now that classes are in session and we are still getting to know our teachers and classmates one thing I hate looking forward to when classes start back is the cost of textbooks. Some books you can find rather cheap but others cost upwards near $200. 

As well as spending money on your textbooks you also have to have some extra money for social hangouts and/or groceries. In all, college is expensive and some students struggle with the financial burden but I think what most students don’t understand is that there are on-campus employment opportunities that you can take advantage of and there are many perks and benefits you can get while working on campus.

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1.) You don’t have to travel far if you live on campus

If you live on campus then you don’t have to worry about driving to work because you can just walk there. This can help save you some gas and some money in the long run.

2.) You gain experience

You can gain experience in any job but on-campus, they may have specific jobs that you can do that align with your major. Then you can add this experience to your resume and they will know that you have taken an interest in your field other than just studying your profession. 

3.) You can get to know more people that live on your campus

If you have an on-campus job that requires you to interact with the students on campus then this is the perfect way to familiarize and get to know the students on campus. 

4.) Most employers will work with your schedule

If you are taking a lot of classes or are playing a sport for your school most employers will be able to work with your schedule since these are school-related conflicts.

5.) You probably will not have to work on holidays

Since schools are closed on holidays you will most likely not have to work. 


I hope this article was helpful! Good luck wolves!