How to Maintain a Successful Relationship in College

Dating in college is difficult, surviving that relationship post graduation is even more challenging. However, challenging does not mean impossible. Being in love is not always enough in a relationship, it comes with hard work, sacrifice, compromise and dedication. Here are three tips to help maintain a successful relationship in college.

1. Communicate

Photo by Huy Phan on Unsplash

It's been noted that communication is key but communication between your partner is paramount. It is pressing to know how to listen to receive rather than listen to respond. There should be open, productive and honest dialogue. From the beginning of the relationship, priorities should be discussed. College is very busy and stressful, you and your partner have to come to an understanding of how college can take up a lot of your time.

2. Dates

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Date! Date! Date! Although as college students , we are usually trying to scrape change for a meal, dating is important. A date can be very inexpensive or virtually free. A date does not always consist of leaving campus, instead, blocking out a time for just the two of you. No matter how busy life gets, always make sure you have time together. 

3. Patience

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Patience is a virtue. Things do not always happen when and how you want them to happen but you have to remain patient. You and your partner have to understand that school will take up a lot of your time but it will be worth it. Understand that you and your partner will not always be on the same page or pace. Work with each other not against each other.

One goal to have in a relationship is to keep a smile on your partners face at all times.  As unrealistic as that might seem, having that as a mutual can eliminate many agruments and wasted time. Cherish the moment. Cherish each other.