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The wait is finally over! Our Holiday Survival Kit from Her Campus has arrived! We are so happy and are in love with everything we got! Read more to find out about the products we got!

Photo by Victoria Phandara

First, we opened our kit to XOXO Luv For Women Fragrance from XOXO Eau de Parfum. The fragrance is very sensual for the sappy and hopeless romantic. XOXO Luv captures the essence of love with a fresh and radiant scent. I am sure your significant other will not be disappointed.  

Next, we got the Va-Va-Plump Shiny Liquid Lipstick from BUXOM Cosmetics. This lipstick will leave your lips with a sexiness that is on a whole new level. It is lasting with a bold and bombshell color. There are 20 different shades that will give your lips a vibrant wear. It is an all-in-one formula that will keep your lips comfortable and moist.

We also got Ancedote Pimple Patches from Alba Botanica®. I am so happy about this product because I do get random pimples every now and then, especially on the most unexpected days. Each pimple patch draws all the oils and fluids from the skin which helps to reduce inflammation. The tight seal of the patch will keep your skin moist and will help your pimples heal faster while also reduce risk of scarring. This is a non-drying treatment that is 100% vegetarian and it directly handles the problem of keeping bacteria out. No animals have been tested in the making of this product.

Now let me introduce you to the DivaCup Model 1 by Diva International Inc. There are two model sizes that are both made of 100% healthcare grade silicone. The D Model 1 is recommended for women under the age of 30 who have never delivered vaginally or by c-section. Model 2 is recommended for women aged 30 and up who have delivered vaginally or by c-section. There is no need to hide a tampon or worry about leaking through the night. The DivaCup has a leak-free production for up to 12 hours. It is easy to use and helps you save money from buying all those tampons and pads.

Photo by Victoria Phandara

Lastly, we received some Krazy Glue which has just enough in a tube for one quick fix. Krazy Glue bonds to metal, plastics, wood, glass, ceramics and vinyl. It is very ideal for craft, home and office projects.

Thanks for sticking around to read this article and be sure to check out these products!


This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Victoria is a senior at the University of West Georgia. She is an English major with a minor in Mass Communications. She loves fashion, coffee, reading, writing and all things related to motorcycles.
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