Extra! Extra! The Vogue Academy? One of the Best Orgs On Campus!

Meet The Vogue Academy! They are an astounding organization at the University of West Georgia. The Vogue Academy has put together exciting events this semester such as Voguegala, Field Day, and 7 on 7 Tournament. After seeing all of the successes of this organization, we wanted to speak with the E-Board to learn more about the organization as a whole! We had the opportunity to interview them and gain some insight. We began with asking the E-Board about the goals of the Vogue Academy as an organization on campus. 


 “What are some of the goals of The Vogue Academy as an organization on campus?”

E-Board: “Some of our goals as an organization are not only to be known as a fashion organization but one that actively engages with the campus and our community. We are an org that values diversity and inclusion, so we welcome everyone with open arms who has the confidence to take risks and step outside of their comfort zones to better themselves.” It was interesting to find out that they are a well rounded group of individuals who genuinely care about campus engagement and involvement. This shows that they are an organization that has the longevity to remain successful as well as better our campus."


“How would you encourage someone who doesn’t necessarily know much about modeling? How could they build their confidence?” 


E-Board: “Nobody is perfect. As an organization our main focus is to bring people in who are open minded and willing to learn as well as take constructive criticism along the way. We pride ourselves in being an organization that is more like a family, where nobody gets left behind. We all work closely with one another to identify each other’s strengths as well as help each other where we see weaknesses. But along with that just  comes practice. With anything you do in life it just takes practice. We know that it can be overwhelming sometimes to join something that you really have no experience doing but we are here to help anyone who wishes to join, build that confidence every step of the way."

It was refreshing to hear that The Vogue Academy is interested in making others feel comfortable and welcome. We currently live in a society that puts others down rather than lift them up. Due to their drive to help others build their confidence, this is even more reason for the students of UWG to seek membership!


“We see that you guys do weekly #MCM & #WCW! If you had to choose, who is one female and one male that influences the culture of fashion and why?”

E-Board: “Our female we believe that influences the culture of fashion is the late Braxton B. Baker who is a social media fashion influence. The way she would put outfits together really allowed the world and anyone who knew her to feel her personality through her pieces. She was never afraid to make a statement through what she wore no matter how anyone viewed her and that is a level of confidence that a lot of young women strive to attain in the fashion industry. One male we believe influences the culture of fashion is Billy Porter for the same reason. He too is not afraid to make statements through what he wears as he used fashion as a tool for self expression and representation is and that was evidenced by him wearing a gown to the oscars in 2019 instead of a regular tux.”

I became educated on the individuals that were stated. It is intriguing to learn about different influencers of fashion. Follow The Vogue Academy on Instagram @_thevogueacademy to stay updated on their #MCM & #WCW! 


“What can the UWG campus look forward to seeing from you guys for the upcoming Spring Semester?” 

E-Board: “We don’t want to give away too much information but we can say that we have been taking into account the feedback we receive from the polls we do on our story sometimes and so what people can be on the lookout for are a lot more photoshoots, more servicing events, and possibly our first fashion show if all goes well with COVID.” 


After having a successful semester as an organization, we look forward to seeing what The Vogue Academy will do next! If you are interested in modeling and want to be involved on the campus of UWG, then The Vogue Academy is the perfect fit for you! Despite having strict guidelines on campus due to COVID-19, they were still able to engage the student body. Their hard work and diligence is unmatched as they continue to press forward and provide us with various events. 




Special thanks to E-Board members of The Vogue Academy, 

 President/Founder: Savannah Turner

 Secretary: Rique Dozier

 Social Media Chair: Jazmine Antoine

 Membership Chair: Jhustiz Douglas

Community Service Chair: Sydney Wallace

VP of Event Planning: Aryel Frazier

Treasurer: Zay Warren

Fundraising Chair: Kizzy Laurent