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5 Underrated National Days in November

So as if November wasn’t one of my favorite fall months already, it just got better! Here is a list of some of my favorite underrated National Days this month to make it one to remember! Ladies, you’re welcome in advance.

  1. November 2nd: National Men Make Dinner Day

Still in disbelieve how I didn’t know about this nationwide day before this year, but I’ll be taking full advantage this November. What more of a reasonable excuse do we need to get the men in the kitchen? This college girl is skipping the ramen.  

  1. Nov 5th: National Doughnut Day

 Need I say more? No, but I will. I know I’m not the only one that needs a valid excuse to eat a doughnut. Why not go all out and get chocolate glaze and sprinkles, I mean it is a national celebrated day and all!

  1. Nov 13: World Kindness Day

Go ahead and mark your calendars for an extra great day! I don’t think we ever need a reason to dedicate our days to spreading kindness but were lucky to have one! Make sure to brighten someone’s day or go above and beyond to help spread the love. 

  1. Nov 18: National Princess Day

I’m not saying we can come close in comparison to Princess Kate or anything, but I’m sure we all have those days when we are extra dramatic, just need the spotlight or feel like spending our entire bank account. Well, here is your chance to live out National Princess Day!  Maybe your inner princess needs a pedicure, spa day or a new outfit! So go treat yourself, you’re a princess after all your majesty.

  1. Nov 30: Stay at Home Because You’re Well Day

Okay seriously, these daily holidays just keep getting better and better. I don’t need another excuse to say in bed and enjoy a day off being a busy college girl- enough said.


This list goes on ladies, these are only a few of my favorite underrated National Days this November! Hope you enjoy these days and many more! You deserve it. 

I am a senior at the University of West Georgia, currently studying Mass communications/Public Relations. I am a lover of life, family, friends and doing things that bring happiness to others. I truly believe the world is full of positivity if we are open to wholeheartedly accept it. I am passionate about the inclusion of others, seeing the beauty in all people and things, and creating lasting relationships with people. Ever since I can remember, I’ve enjoyed creating things and expressing my creativity through design and artistic expression. I am an avid stationery addict, DIY junkie, and lover all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle.
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