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3 Signs You’re Falling for the One

As seasons change, so do our hearts. Sometimes it’s as if we seem to yearn for a companion. You know, someone to love and care for us as we get closer to the holiday season. As young women, we do not just want to have a random relationship that looks less than enduring, but one that will last. So how do we actually know the new guy that suddenly jumped into our lives or the best friend that’s been there forever, may be the one?





One thing we know, there are always signs…


  1. There are certain things he does that others don’t

For example, you may not see him often but when you do he is the first to give you a cute greeting. Maybe he remembers what you have talked to him about and will usually bring it up in a question like, “oh you are majoring in such in such right?” or “I remember you told me your favorite type of food is…”. Or, your crush is always making sure he gives you a hug whenever he can…especially when he first meets you (because guys are physical and if they like you they will go out of their way to make you feel loved).


    2.   The dynamic

It’s absolutely no secret that you and your crush like one another because no matter how long your convos last, it leaves you wanting to learn more. It almost seems like you two are the only ones with an “inside joke” in a group setting. He even makes you feel super happy and you both cannot conceal the smiles on your faces when you are together.


   3. The way those around you react

When you and your guy are around your friends, they are secretly watching his every move and cannot find one thing wrong with him no matter how hard they may try. Your friends might ask if you like anyone and you deny EVERYTHING! You even get into a convo with your girls and they say, “So what’s up with you and you know who…”.


The list goes on and on because the reality is that this guy isn’t like the rest. He has goals, ambitions, maturity and continuously shows you what it means to be cared for. He looks to you for support and words of affirmation and completely respects you, which is super exciting.  You and “the one you are falling for” connect and when together, you never want to be with anyone else. Whether he is the new kid on the block whom you’ve gotten to know on a whim or your best guy friend you have fallen for, it looks promising from here, girl.


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Photo 1 :Matheus Ferrero

Photo 2: Kristina Litvjak


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