What Your Style is Based on Your Major

In my years as an English major, I’ve had the chance to see how just about every major dresses in every mood. For the most part, every major is pretty varied in how they dress; however, some majors have a very distinctive style to them. So, here are some majors their style.


10. Philosophy

With graphic tees, jeans and thick-rimmed spectacles, philosophy majors dress like they’re a pretty chill lot, but if you ever get into a conversation with them, expect to be dragged into a debate about the finer points of Descartes and Socrates.


9. Psychology

Psychology majors always look like they’re halfway between professional and student. You’ll see a lot of button ups, sweaters and blouses in this major. Avoid direct eye contact as they see it as permission to bring up all your most deep seated issues.


8. Education

Education majors dress exactly how you imagine a teacher would. Lots of blouses, skirts and sweaters here. Know exactly how to make you feel better and usually have some type of sweets on them. 10/10 people, would get free candy again.


7. Computer Science

Computer science kids always look like they haven’t slept in about three years. Hoodies and zip ups are the mainstays of this major; they’re just too tired for anything else. Every single one of them needs a nap.


6. Business

Business majors always look like they have somewhere important to be. Full suits are common in this major, blazers, slacks and pencil skirts if they’re going for a more casual look. Watches are a typical accessory. Literally don’t have time for anything.


5. Exercise Science

Exercise Science people seek comfort above all else. The typical uniform consists of a combination of a T-shirt and either a pair of shorts or yoga pants. If needed, the hair is usually in a bun. Know everything about the human body and will tell you, in detail, what’s wrong with yours.


4. Nursing

Scrubs. Bless their little, overworked hearts.


3. History

History majors always look a little like they were born ready to teach history. Tweed jackets and sweater vests are the style of choice. Highly professional people with a penchant for propriety.


2. Biology

When not wearing lab coats, biology majors can usually be seen in the wild rocking flannel, short-sleeve shirts, tank tops, baseball caps, jeans or shorts. They’re a laid back bunch that just want to be comfortable outside. Good people.


1. English

English majors are interesting because their styles run the gamut from super casual to deathly serious. However, many of us usually be identified on sight by our messenger bags and scarves. Also it’s a good bet we have a book somewhere on our person.