What We Know about Southside Housing

As of the last few weeks, it has been confirmed that the Southside Village will be closing at the end of the Spring 2016 semester.

Housing Director Dr. Ruth Davison presented at SGA senate April 8 to update students on the Southside issue. She told senate the issue was mold in the duct work of the buildings.

They don’t know the extent of the damage and are still in what Davison calls the “discovery phase” of fixing the problem. The Southsides, which count as 250 bed spaces and house four sororities on campus, won’t be used in either the Fall or Spring since repair can’t happen over the summer.

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Though they haven’t required anyone to move out this semester, six students have decided to relocate.

Davison said they will work on moving the communities together as best they can. She anticipates UWF being very full in the fall and said housing will have to prioritize housing for those who live outside the city. 

A source from the Resident Hall Association has confirmed that residents currently living in a Southside are being relocated at no increase in costs. Future Southside residents who already signed their contract for 2016-17 are being moved elsewhere on campus at either an equal or lesser rate.

Building 15 was planned to be designated as the pet-friendly building in Southside, and housing is looking into putting it into the other villages, but no official plan has been made. 

Residents who currently live in a southside can contact central housing in building 19 or the southside hall director and get moved into other residence halls at no extra cost. If they do not wish to directly contact housing they may approach their resident assistant for guidance.