The Perfect Hangover Starter Pack

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

So you went out, did too much, got hungover and need a lifeline. You’re full of Jägerbomb​s and regret and are lying awake questioning your whole existence and wondering how you’re ever going to pull it together to make it to work, class or whatever it is you’ve got to do today. Oh, you predictable college student you. Well, never fear. We’ve been there, some of us more recently than others, and we’re here with a life preserver and a helping hand. Here is our tried and true hangover starter pack and some hangover recover tips to help you look and feel presentable even after a large scale bender.

1. Hydrate your life

First thing’s first. Drink some water. Like a whole lot. You’re probably pretty dehydrated and feel parched like a cactus. That’s part of the reason why you’ve got that life shattering headache and cottonmouth. Knock back a few big glasses of water, and pop a Tylenol while you’re at it, as the first step towards getting out of the house and back to your regular schedule. The Tylenol will take away some of the aches and pains that make you want to crawl back into bed and just throw the whole day away. Carry a bottle or thermos with you so that you can stay hydrated throughout the day.


2. Cleanse your skin

Now that you’re hydrated, take a look at your face. There’s a good chance that you forgot to take off your makeup during the state of insobriety. You may now be realizing that your mascara and matte lip stain are embedded deep into your soul. It happens. Dowse a cotton pad in Garnier’s Miscellar Cleansing Water and wipe away any and all traces of the night of drinking. The cleansing water will lift away all of the dirt and makeup and leave your skin feeling fresh and clean. That waterproof mascara won’t stand a chance.

3. Get squeaky clean

Third thing’s third. Take a shower. Trust us, you need one. You absolutely don’t want your boss to smell the Vodka and Jungle Juice emanating from your pores. Hop in the shower and try to scrub the hangover off of you. A nice hot shower will wake you up, get you energized and keep you moving. It’s an important step in fighting through the fog of a hangover.


4. Tame those tresses

The next thing is a little harder to swallow than that Tylenol and big glass of thirst quenching water. You probably look a hot mess. Sorry ma’am, but it’s most likely the case. Everybody looks a little rough after a night of binging. If your hair looks and feels like a tumbleweed, do a quick deep conditioning mask while you’re in the shower. Garnier’s 1 minute avocado mask is a quick and easy way to get the moisture back in your hair to tame that frizz at lightning speed. Smooth this holy guacamole on, and your hair will thank you afterward.

5. Refresh your skin

You may feel like skipping out on a makeup and primping routine if you’re still feeling out of your element. If you’re a little sluggish and your skin is feeling parched, spritz on a bit of Garnier’s soothing facial mist. This rose water mist will leave your skin feeling fresh, smooth and supple. It’s also a good primer if you do feel like doing your makeup for the day. Bring the facial mist with you when you’re out and about so that you can refresh your skin anytime, wherever you are.


6. Grab a bite to eat

Now you’ve got to get a bite to eat. I know, this can be tough. The last thing you want to think about on a sour stomach is food, but trust us, you’ll need it. Some food in your body will help kickstart your metabolism and get you back to feeling normal quicker. You really don’t want to go about your whole day without having anything to eat. You’ll just feel hangry while you’re hungover, and that’s a tragic combination. Nibble on something with some protein like a granola bar, have yet another glass of water, and keep it moving.


And there you have it. Our tips and tricks will help you shake off the hangover and make it through the day without the need to reach for yet another drink. Be proud. You have survived and will live to drink another day.