My First Time Watching Mean Girls

So, I’ve never watched Mean Girls before. I know. I know. Don’t kill me. For more than a decade, I’ve heard the film quoted and recited with vigor and unity, yet always, I was unable to contribute. Somehow or another, I just never got around to watching the movie. Until now that is.

After a little encouragement from some Mean Girls fanatics, I was inspired to watch the catty classic and share the experience, and I must say that I’m very glad I did. No longer will I commit social suicide by knowing none of the quotes and references. No longer will I be excluded from the “fetch” inside jokes. No longer will I be told “You can’t sit with us!” Oh sweet tribal unity, I have arrived!


So, the movie started out and I spent the few minutes just waiting for it to get good. I had a huge pile of snacks and cheerful disposition. I’ve been hearing about the majesty of the film for 14 years now, and I was just itching to get to the good stuff. The first scene that really primed me for a laugh was when I was introduced to the teacher Ms. Norbury. My first thought was “Oh look! Tina Fey is in this movie. Who’d have thunk it?” I proceeded to await the ensuing hilarity.


After a few more moments, the glorious line came to my ears. “And evil takes a human form in Regina George.” Oh snap. Things were about to get good. Right from the get go, I liked Regina’s character. She was built for absurdity in the all the best ways.

The lunchroom scene made me smile as soon as I heard “On Wednesdays we wear pink.” Amanda Seyfried is so stinking cute by the way. I got plenty of laughs from her character and her ESPN. Also, seeing Cady in that gigantic pink polo made me giggle something fierce.

Mean Girls only got better as it moved along. I squealed with delight upon seeing Amy Poehler as Regina’s hard-nippled “cool mom.” It was too funny. I died watching her mirror the dance moves from the audience in the talent show scene. Oh my gosh, can we talk about the talent show? I’ve been seeing memes of the talent show for years and was totally ready for it. Who let Kevin on stage? I cackled. I didn’t laugh like that again until much later. Fast forward to the scene where Regina was screaming the whole time that she was altering the burn book because I screamed right along with her. However, my screams were all laughter. All laughter. And then the pandemonium in the aftermath was spectacular.

My biggest surprise with the movie was finding out that Regina wasn’t the bad guy for most of the film, at least not in my opinion. Cady was every bit as awful by the climax, and it made for some really entertaining tension. And all that tension made the resolution a real treat.


With all being said, I’m glad I finally watched Mean Girls. I love a good emotional cleanse. The final wrap up was sweet and put a smile on my face the size of Kevin G’s overconfidence, fetch still isn’t a thing and I’ll be wearing pink this Wednesday for sure.