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A Love Letter to My Ugly Sandals

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWF chapter.

Dear Ugly Sandals,

You come in many different styles and you go by many different names. To some people you’re Chacos, Tevas, or Birkenstocks, but to me you’re my favorite shoes. You’re there for me when I have to run out the door and don’t have time to find socks or tie my other shoes. You have never caused me to fret about what shoes to wear because 90 percent of the time, the answer is you.

Photo by Anna Kellner.

You’re always with me if I leave home. When I travel, you’re either in my bag or on my feet. None of my other shoes have traveled even half as far as you have because I cannot trust them like I trust you. I can wear you no matter what life throws at me while away. I can wear you while I play in the yard with my cousins, I can wear you to the mall, I can even wear you with a sun dress if I have to go somewhere and look a little more dressed up.

You have helped me raise my dog. When I take him out for a walk, you are right there with me. You’ve come with us to a number of dog parks and dog beaches. From early morning walks to late night emergencies, my dog and I are forever grateful.

You are a very diverse sandal, and I can wear you no matter the weather. When it’s hot outside, I can wear you by yourself to the beach or the pool. When it’s cold outside, I can wear my fuzzy socks with you and you are just as wonderful.

Photo by Sydney Townsend.

People may look at me weird for wearing you every day, with or without fuzzy socks, but they don’t understand our bond. They do not understand how you adjust perfectly or how you cradle my foot and make sure I never have any pain. The people who look at us weird have obviously never worn a pair of sandals like you before and are just haters. But as pop culture will tell you, ignore the haters! They’re just jealous.


Your biggest fan

Junior, Majoring in Communications and specializing in Telecommunications. set14@students.uwf.edu
Abigail is a Journalism and Political Science major minoring in Spanish. She has a penchant for puns and can't go a morning without listening to NPR's Up First podcast. You can usually find her dedicating time to class work, Her Campus, College to Congress, SGA or hammocking. Her dream job is working as a television broadcast journalist on a major news network. Down time includes TED talk binges, reading and writing. You can follow Abigail on instagram and Twitter @abi_meggs