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Here’s Why the Giant Unicorn Float Is Here to Stay

Over the last few summers, pool floats have been getting more and more outrageous. This trend started with Taylor Swift's legendary fourth of July party of 2015. The pink donut, swan and flamingo floats were popular for a while. Last summer, they just increased in size. I bought the giant unicorn float in June 2017 and was the coolest person at the beach.It seems people are either purchasing the “even more giant unicorn float” that can fit about 6 people, or hating on the float. I don’t currently own the 6 person float, but if I lived in something bigger than a one bedroom apartment, I totally would. The giant unicorn float is still the best summer accessory and it is totally fine to own as a junior in college.

If it’s good enough for the Kardashians, it's good enough for all of us, tbh.

The Kardashians are just a few celebrities who have posted pictures enjoying their unicorn floats. Bella Hadid, Serayah McNeill and Emily Ratajkowski also own giant pool floats. If celebrities aren’t above owning a giant pool float, then you shouldn’t be either. Of course, not all of us can have the Los Angeles skyline as our backdrop, or a luxurious pool to float in, but at least we can  try to feel like Kendall Jenner at the apartment community pool.

You can fit all of your friends on one float.

If you want to float down the river this summer with some friends, the giant unicorn float offers many features. Depending on which one you get, you can squeeze  four to eight people on one. You won’t have to tie yourself together or worry about staying together because you'll all be sitting on the same floating unicorn.

It can double as a bed.

I can lay completely out on my unicorn float without fear of rolling off. So another perk of the giant float is you can safely take a nap while floating in the pool. Because it is so huge, you can bring your phone, snacks, drinks, books, headphones or whatever else aboard with you.

You’ll turn heads.

Most of these heads might belong to toddlers, but the giant unicorn float is definitely a show stopper. For me, it has been a conversation starter with random people at the beach. And let’s not forget all the amazing photo-ops that come with owning the giant unicorn float. Again, yours  may not be as fabulous as Taylor Swift's entire clan of animal floats, but they still make for a cute Instagram post.

It’s multifunctional.

In addition to being a float and a bed, the giant unicorn float can provide extra for your day at the beach. Depending on the waves, you can take your unicorn surfing. Yes, surfing. If you time it just right and have someone push you into the wave, you and your unicorn can soar through the ocean majestically. Why lay or sit on an uncomfortable beach chair when you can use the float as a lounge chair. Your float doubles as an extra cushiony beach chair.

Don’t let anyone tell you’re too old to have a unicorn or donut float. Embrace the elaborate pool lounge and live life fabulously.

Sara is a sophmore at the University of West Florida. She is majoring in Comprehensive Marketing and minoring in management and international business. She has a passion for the beauty industy and aspires to be a social media marketer for a cosmetics company. Her other hobbies include cooking, hiking, paddleboarding and SCUBA diving.
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