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8 College Wardrobe Essentials You Can’t Live Without

Being in college can be challenging, especially when you’re trying to keep up with the latest fashion trends and pieces to have in your wardrobe. However, if you pick up a few of these key pieces to have in your wardrobe you’ll be able to create countless outfits and always look put-together. 

Jean Jacket

You can never go wrong with a jean jacket. It can easily be paired w/any outfit that comes to mind and will have people reminiscing of the 90s. 

Cotton tee 

Comfort and simplicity go hand and hand with this go to Tee. Pair it w/a cute outfit on the town with your girls or with sweatpants lounging on the couch. 

Denim skirt

Who doesn’t love a denim skirt? You can wear this anywhere and will look fabulous.

Distressed jeans

Spice up your outfit with these jeans and show who is really the boss. Grab a T-shirt, flats, and a choker and you’re ready to go!


We have to have our boots for those chilly, windy days. It can easily dress up any ordinary outfit, and who doesn’t want their feet to be bundled up with warmth?


The perfect accessory that goes with everything. Make it your own by grabbing different sizes and colors to stand out. 


A must for those days that you either have an interview or a class presentation and must dress up. You’ll appreciate these for heels any day. 

Oversized hoodie

Perfect for those 8 a.m. morning classes or when you can’t find anything else to wear. Pick out your favorite graphic/non-graphic hoodie and start your day. 

My name is Tatyana Ransome. I'm currently a student at the University of West Florida, studying Advertising with a Minor in Photography. With this major, I'm hoping to pursue fashion editing, fashion marketing, and blogging. I also love any and everything associated with Beyoncé!
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