7 Steps to Get Over Any Break Up

Break ups are a part of life. At some point or another, you are bound to get your heart shattered to pieces. If you are going through a break up now, it is not the end of the world. You will get through this. Here are seven classic steps to get over any break up.


1. Ugly cry

A good cry every once in awhile is great for de-stressing. Now, an ugly cry is even better for de-stressing. So let it all out, girl.


2. Eat everything

Break ups tend to rip open a hole right where your heart should be. In the beginning, it will feel like nothing is big enough to fill that void, but food gets pretty close.

3. Girls’ Night Out

Being around your favorite girls can get you out of any rough patch, so go get dolled up and dance the night away.

4. Talk about it

Tell your friends or family all about the break up. Venting will make you feel heard and help you move on. Give your friends the tea.

5. Relationship cleanse

You are almost over this break up. Now, it is time for you to rid your ex from you life. Delete your photos together off of social media and return all of your ex’s things.

6. Switch it up

Break ups have a way of stripping your confidence away. What you need is a makeover. It is time for you to switch up your look. Go get bangs or try a new hair color.

7. Get back out there

Finally, you are officially over your ex. Your confidence is at an all time high, and you are ready to mingle.