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7 Reasons to Join Her Campus UWF

Her Campus UWF is a campus organization focused on empowering women. Membership offers the opportunity to write and publish articles, design and advertise, organize campus wide events, become an editor, make influential friendships, collect dank memes and become a more comprehensive individual. It’s difficult to narrow my love for this organization into bullet points but these are the main reasons why you should join Her Campus UWF:

1. Sisterhood

Her Campus UWF isn’t a sorority but that doesn’t mean we aren’t connected by something deeper than membership in an organization. We don’t just design graphics and host events on campus, we actually enjoy each other’s company! We go together like a big pile of nachos – delicious nachos!

2. Diversity of body, spirit, and mind

Speaking of nachos, we aren’t a homogenous bag of chips. We’re chips, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, beans, onions, grilled chicken and guacamole! We flourish through our diversity and in doing so, we encourage the intellectual growth of different opinions and beliefs.

3. Free stuff

Listen, not to be weird but I got a free Diva Cup for being a member of Her Campus. If you aren’t looking for a tampon replacement, you can get free lipstick, makeup, shaving cream, face masks and a lovely assortment of other goodies. Survival kit days are the best days.

4. Cheerleading

As an organization dedicated to empowering women, we are always cheering each other on. (If you didn’t do snaps, was it even an HC UWF meeting?) Every meeting is full of positive energy and the desire to lift each other up. Women are not in competition with one another.

5. Responsibility is calling!

Her Campus UWF offers a variety of ways to assume responsibility. We write articles, design visuals, plan events, post to social media, and aim to empower women. If you’re looking for more than one assignment per week, pursue a leadership position. It’s our goal to bring out your #bossbabe!

6. It’s fun. Honest.

Every Monday, I dread putting on pants and going to the Her Campus UWF meeting. And every Monday, I am astounded by the beauty and intelligence that I encounter when I enter the room. I leave meetings with a sense of purpose, companionship, and excitement. If you’re looking for a nice balance of hard work and corny jokes by Campus Correspondent Abigail, HC UWF is the place to be.

7. Empowering women

There is no greater calling than the pursuit of equality. We live in a world where many women aren’t allowed to vote, pursue an education, drive, have a gun, hold a job, own property or hold a political office. Women are experiencing domestic violence, unequal wages, forced prostitution, honor killings, discrimination regarding race/religion/sexuality and genital mutilation. As a leading nation of Planet Earth, it is our responsibility to iron out the inequalities that women of all races, religions, and sexualities face to set an example for the rest of the world. We can start here, today, with something as simple as writing an article. If you’d like to play a part in changing the world – join us!

We’d love to see your beautiful face at our Interest Meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 31! The meeting will last from 6 – 7 p.m. in the University Commons, Room 272. A panel of HC UWF members will be present to answer any questions and advise you on what it’s like to be a member. All students are welcome to come see us! You can also visit our online application if you’re interested in joing us. HCXO!


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