6 Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Dorm For Christmas

With finals week just around the corner, it's easy to forget that the holiday season is upon us! Take a break from planning out your finals study plan and get festive, without spending a ton of money.

1. Buy pillow covers instead of pillows

If you’re obsessed with throw pillows, like me, you know that they can be expensive! Also, they’re not the easiest to store. However, you can buy covers for your throw pillows that are way less expensive. Additionally, they are so easy to store. You can fold and store them with other extra bedding or towels. On Amazon.com, you can get a set of 6 for less than $20. If you’re actually brave enough to order something that isn’t prime, than you can get pillow covers, like this cute dog one, for less than 2 dollars!

2. The Dollar Tree is your best friend

As a college student, I live and breathe the Dollar Tree. You can get everything from stockings to décor. You can even get a Christmas tree!  They also have candy and everything you would need to wrap gifts.

3. Make it yourself!

There are so many DIY’s you can find on Pinterest. This Popsicle stick snow flake only needs 3 supplies. This candy cane wreath is also simple and cute to hang on your door.

4. Make a wall tree

Wall trees have become super popular especially for people who live in small spaces. Wall trees are decorations put onto an empty wall to replicate the shape of a tree. Some ideas would be to use garland or wrapping paper.

5. Paper Snowflakes

When I lived in Argo Hall, people went crazy with these! They were on almost every door. It was also fun to make these; my roommate and I felt very nostalgic. Also they are virtually free and easy to make. If you’re not creative enough for a paper snowflake, you can print out temples online.


If you don’t already have fairy lights strung throughout your dorm—what are you doing? By simply hanging up white or multi-colored lights, you can create a festive and relaxing environment.  Much needed with finals coming up!