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5 Tricks to Get Away With Day Old Hair

Like many other college students, I consider myself incredibly busy. Juggling two jobs, class, school activities, as well as friends and family leaves me desperate for time. Usually my appearance gets the short end of the stick, and I end up living in yoga pants and a t-shirt. If this sounds like your situation as well, then here are some tips I’ve accumulated throughout my past four years of rushing around campus!

1. Hats

They are literally miracle workers. Throw your hair up in a high pony-tail, pull it through the back of any hat, and BAM. Now instead of looking rumpled in your workout clothes, you look put together. (Think, busy stay at home mom.) Did you just volunteer at a hospital or take a yoga class? No one can tell the difference!

2. Curled Hair

Curly hair is in a category all its own. For those who have straight hair, curl it one day and let those curls carry on into the next day. Curls on the second day are looser and wavier. This allows you to look put together, when really all you had to do was brush your hair! Those that are born (blessed) with naturally curly hair, let it do its thing for a day or two. This gives your hair a break from heat and chemicals, while still looking flawless.

3. Dry Shampoo

If you take anything away from this article, please let it be dry shampoo! It’s a relatively cheap product that you can get at any drugstore or supermarket. It soaks up the excess oil that a busy day can add to your hair. Spray it thoroughly along your part line and any other oily places. Then brush it through the rest of your hair. Dry shampoo leaves your day two hair feeling, and looking, like day one.

4. Updos

The less messy hair you can see, the better! Ponytails are a great way to tame day old hair. And if you have naturally curly hair, curls and waves look pretty and put-together in a pony. If you’re ever having a really bad hair day, try a messy bun or ballerina bun. Buns are a great way to tame the beast while still looking cute.

5. Braids

Braids work great at keeping your out of the way, and lasting all day. If you’re going to have a pretty active day make your braid tighter, for more security. If you’re going to be sitting in class all day, opt for a looser, boho braid. If your hair isn’t too crazy, you can even braid your bangs back while allowing the rest to stay down!

Hope this advice helps! Keep up the good work, and stay busy Argos!


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