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4 Embellished Hair Accessories to Spice Up the Worst Bad Hair Day

Ladies, let’s face it. We all have those mornings where we either don’t have the energy to do our hair or we’re running late and have more important things on our to-do list than styling our mane. Instead of just tossing our hair into a messy bun or ponytail, add an embellished hair accessory to spice up that potentially bad hair day.

Twist away 

Throw your hair into a messy bun, and then add a studded head wrap to create an effortless punk look. Not only will it add more dimension to your outfit, it will make your messy bun appear like you put ten times more effort into it.

Not your average bobby pin

Using plain old bobby pins can get tired and boring. Instead, try some unique bobby pins to add a more refined and unique look to your locks. It’ll also keep your hair out of your face so you can focus on class and studying.

Bling it on

Headbands should always be a girls’ best friend. You’re able to wear it with any hairstyle up or down. Keeping that in mind, pairing your messy braid with a blinged out headband will have you walking around campus like a goddess.

Beads + Hair Tie= Excellence 

A hair tie is a classic essential for any girl. It can be worn both in our hair or on our wrist. Rather than referring to a solid color headband, grab one of these beaded hair ties to give your messy ponytail a cute and fun touch.

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