17 Insider Tips For Sorority Recruitment

Being a part of a sorority can be a great way to connect yourself with your campus, a philanthropy, and an amazing group of young women. But before you find your letters, you have to go through recruitment first.

 We sat down with a member from each Panhellenic sorority on campus to find out what everyone should know before heading into recruitment.

1. An open mind is essential

Brianna McCaffery is a member of Alpha Chi Omega and says one of the most important things you can do for recruitment is to stay open to all your options. Each sorority is filled with amazing young women who all want to see each other succeed. Recruitment is so you can find out which organization is right for you!

2. Bring snacks and get sleep

Recruitment can be a long process and there isn’t always time to leave and eat a whole meal. Pack some granola bars, carrot sticks, or any on-the-go food to keep the munchies away so you can focus on putting your best foot forward.

Madison McInnis, a sister of Alpha Delta Pi, says preparation is key.

“Get lots of sleep, drink water and eat before you go to recruitment each day. Try to eat snacks that will keep you full and provide lots of energy to keep you going because the days can get long.”

3. Show up

Try not to miss a night because of work or studying. Being absent one evening could leave you without the full rush experience.  If you do have to miss, make sure to tell your beta chis!

“You might miss the chance to meet your future big or won’t get to connect with a sorority that could be perfect for you,” Brianna says.

4. Be yourself

Don’t try and put on a façade. Recruiters want to see the real you. Don’t worry if you are naturally quiet. As long as you can hold a conversation about what you’re passionate about, that’s what they really want to see. 

"Be yourself because that is how you will find the home for you...Remember that the sororities are just as nervous as the PNM's (potential new members) are. Make sure to smile and be happy," says Lexie Grammer, a member of Alpha Gama Delta.

5. Rely on your Beta Chis

Beta Chis are disaffiliated sorority members who have decided to give up their letters to help you find yours. They work as recruitment facilitators and support all potential new members. If you aren’t sure about something, your Beta Chis will be there for any and all questions.

Lexie suggests making friends within your Beta Chi group because some of those girls will end up being your sisters for the next four years!

6. Dress up

When you look good, you feel good. Recruitment is a place where you need to put your truest self out there. If you’re not confident, then you can’t be you!

Hannah Leak, a sister of Kappa Delta, knows the importance of being confident for rush week.

“Wear what makes you feel the most confident. There is a lot of stress around sorority recruitment, and it is vital that you feel your best.”

7. Know yourself!

During the recruitment process, there will be plenty of casual interviews so members can get to know you. Be ready to answer questions about yourself with confidence.

Brianna advises, “Think about what kind of questions they might ask. All of recruitment is a two-way tango.”

8. Do your homework. Literally.

If you don’t keep up with school during rush week, then you won’t be able to meet the GPA requirements of your sorority later on in the year. Brianna says to make sure your campus involvement doesn’t take over the real reason why you’re at UWF.

Madison suggests taking it a step further and bringing your homework to recruitment so you can work on it during your down time between parties.

9. Keep the boys and party talk for your girlfriends

Sororities are more interested in your personal attributes and accomplishments rather than how great, or horrible, your current relationship is. They also do not want to know about that crazy party last weekend. Brianna says recruitment leaders want you to talk about what you love and your passion, as long as that passion is not margaritas.

10. It’s OK to be nervous

Lauren Meadors, a sister of Alpha Gamma Delta says, “It’s OK to be nervous because that means you are excited. We are really nervous too. Any of these girls could be our sisters, and we have so many amazing things we want you to know about our sisterhood in such a short time. So don’t worry about having sweaty hands because mine are probably right there with yours.”

11. You’ll know when it’s the right one

When recruitment is over and bid day comes, you may be faced with choosing between two amazing sororities.

Brianna McCaffrey says her experience was like a Say Yes to the Dress episode, “You just know when it’s the right one.”

And if in doubt, ask your Beta Chi. They can help you weigh your options and see everything from a fresh and objective perspective.

12. Your sorority should help you grow!

No matter where you end up, this new organization is a chance for you to learn.

“Remember that your future home should never define you. It can be difficult to hold onto who you are once you receive your bid, but it is so important to realize that your decision should help you grow into the best version of yourself and give you skills to hold onto in the future,” Hannah says.

13. You do you

If your very best friend decides to choose a different sorority than you, don’t feel pressured to choose that one too. Be independent in your decision and make the decision that is right for you. “Pan Love” is real and you and your friend will still see each other throughout the year.

14. Don’t fall

Brianna warns excited new members to take a chill pill before rushing home. We know bid day is exciting, but when you run home to your new sisters, make sure you don’t get so excited you trip and fall. Watch your step and make it home in one piece!

15. You can go again

If bid day comes and you don’t receive an offer, that doesn’t mean you are banned from sorority life for the rest of your college career. Spring recruitment is a great option because fewer girls rush then, increasing your chance at acceptance.

Another option is looking into other student organizations on campus. Sorority life is only one part of UWF and with over 100 student clubs and organizations, there is a place for every student on campus.

If you are unhappy with which sorority you got a bid for, you don’t have to accept it. There isn’t going to be any judgement from anyone else. You can always try again next year!  

16. Panhellenic isn’t your only sorority option

In addition to all the on campus organizations at UWF, there are also multi-cultural and independent sororities you can join.  

If you are really set on Panhellenic and don’t like your options, start your own chapter! Being the founder of an organization can be incredibly rewarding and a great opportunity to open up something new for other students.