Top 5 Romantic KDramas as Described by my Bumble Date

Hey y'all, so I went on a bumble date the other day, and I guess you could say it went pretty well. For anonymity purposes, I'll leave his name out, but without further adieu, here are the top five K Dramas as described by my bumble date. 

5. The Heirs

Him: Heirs is about all these rich snobby kids where a poor girl is admitted into the same school. The two most popular guys in the school end up fighting over her. 

Me: That's such a cliche.

Him: Yup, it's like Cinderella mixed with a high school drama, but all in korean. 

4. Oh my Ghost

Him: A cook's assistant is possessed by a ghost who helps boost her confidence in wooing the head chef. 

Me: Is this drama like Ratatouille?

Him: No. That's such an insulting comparison.

3. Goblin

Him: A soldier in ancient times was killed, and since he had no closure in his life, he exists in the present world with godly powers. Which leads him to a love story that transcends fate and time. 

Me: Is he like the shinigami from death note?

Him: He kind of has godly powers, there's other "shinigami" type grim reapers, but he's different.

2. Healer

Him: This K Drama is a crime, mystery, romance between a vigilante and a star reporter. 

Me: Is that it? That's kinda vague.

Him: I watched it pretty long ago, so I don't remember much other than it being good. 

1. Descendants of the Sun

Him: This drama is a military romance between a doctor and the captain of the special forces. Their relationship goes through a lot of stress because of their different beliefs and professions.

Me: That's kinda cute, he's taking lives and she's saving them. 

Him: Yeah, basically, if you want to watch a drama about how you wish your boyfriend would treat you, this one is it.