Thanksgiving Across the Globe

Thanksgiving Across the Globe

Five cultural dishes that are must-haves at Thanksgiving dinner from cultures around the world.

Thanksgiving is obviously not a holiday celebrated outside of the United States. However, thousands of American families from different ethnic backgrounds join in on the day of thanks and provide their own spin to a good Thanksgiving dinner. If you’re a food enthusiast like me, and want to know what cultural dishes other cultures share at a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, here are five!

Disclaimer: These dishes were identified based-off an Instagram questionnaire I did on my account.  

Spring rolls and egg rolls  - Vietnamese

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Shiro and injera - Ethiopian


Murgh Makhani and naan - Indian

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Fried rice and stir fry noodles - Chinese

pc: Alia from Everyday Easy:

Pancit noodles and lumpia - Filipino

pc: Lalaine from Kawaling Pinoy: