Reflective Clothing: From Raves to Daily Night Life

Are you looking for a way to stand out? Try reflective clothing! If you have been to a rave recently you have seen these articles of clothing in action. The dark room paired with the LED stage lights create the perfect arena to display your jaw-dropping outfit. So as you shuffle, twerk, any way you let loose- your outfit is going to shine like a diamond. 

You may be wondering how this fabric can create such a glow. Don't worry I was too. According to Brilliant Reflective, which is owned by Safe Reflections a tech leader focused on creating military uniforms and safety wear, reflective material was introduced to fashion in the 1980s. "Reflective material is made of spherical glass beads half the size of human hair. One side is coated with aluminum and placed aluminum side down to create a reflective surface" (Reflective). So you shine thanks to the help of aluminum. Usually seen as stripes on safety vests this material is being used to create complete outfits. These clothes look like a dull gray in daylight and it still looks great. Brilliant Reflective also explains how the light makes the fabric illuminate. These clothes are retroreflective so when you use your camera's flash it lights up brighter than your flash. Who wouldn't want that?

Outfits can still be used for safety because it will be so hard to miss you. Before you head out for the night each of your friends can wear an article of reflective clothing. If you get lost at some point then you can easily find your friends. Your squad will be easier to find than Waldo. Group photos will be popping as well with everyone shining so brightly. 

Sadly this style is not in stores yet, but you can easily find them online. Fashion Nova, Dolls Kill, and Tumblebee offer a few articles ranging from bomber jackets to skirts. I have featured clothes from Dolls Kill since it was the first site I saw the style on and it has the largest collection. Clothing is a bit pricey for a college student on a budget usually ranging from $38-$80. These clothes can be worn a multitude of times so I can validate myself dropping some extra dollars on them. Wear these reflective clothes anytime you go out and you will stand out. No one will be able to look away!

Here are a few styles that I hope you love:

Juiced In A Flash Reflective Joggers $38 paired with Turbo Thot Reflective Booties $75.00  All Da Hype Reflective Set $58.00 Speed of Light Reflective Set $68.00

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