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My School Bag Essentials + Tips

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a great back to school season so far, and speaking of back to school I’ve compiled a list of my school bag essentials that I need on a daily basis, along with some tips on how to use them efficiently.

I hope that these essentials and tips can encourage you to stay organized and help you to become successful for the rest of the school year!


1. Sticky Notes/Note tabs

Photo source: shorturl.at/ixBE8

*Tips: These make great bookmarks for when you’re reading, and can help you decorate your planner while you write out your weekly goals as they come in all shorts of colors, shapes, and sizes.


2. Highlighters & Pens

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*Tips: Try adding a little color to your notes as they can help you enjoy the process of note taking, and have you identify the important terms and concepts faster when studying.


3. Perfume/Deodorant

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Photo source: shorturl.at/ikrA8


4. Water Bottles

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*Tips: Use metal bottles to help our environment instead of going for the typical disposable plastic bottles, that continue to produce more waste.


5. Lip Balm

Photo source: shorturl.at/ehmtC

Eunkyong Oh attends the University of Washington, Bothell. She is majoring in Media and Communication studies and hopes to also graduate with a Business major. She enjoys writing, taking photos, and editing videos as those are skills she will need to continue with her studies, and find future opportunities in her field. Through journalism she hopes to be able to share stories and bring attention to certain issues that aren't being addressed.
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