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My Favorite Products at Trader Joe’s

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWB chapter.

1. Branzino Fillets European Sea Bass
TJ’s declares that their seafood is farm-raised and is sustainable for protecting marine diversity. I like to cook it with lemon pepper seasoning and salt. I always use the method of water boiling for this. The taste is really fresh and tasty. Note: The European Sea Bass is the most important fish to be farmed in the Mediterranean. It is commercially caught and commercially farmed pelagic fish. It helps fight high blood pressure and boosts memory development due to its richness in potassium and phosphorus.

2. Lemon Pepper Seasoning Blend with a Built in Grinder
I hope people who don’t have this lemon pepper seasoning go to TJ’s and get theirs right now!! It has a strong taste of black pepper and a refreshing aroma of lemon. Fantastic for seasoning chicken and fish. Notes: Black pepper is the most traded spice and condiment in the world, and it originates from the Malabar coast of India. Further, the lemon is a small evergreen tree from Asia that is a rich source of vitamin C.

3. Tiramisu Torte
Tiramisu Torte is often sold out of stock at the TJ’s near my house. It tastes like coffee with chocolate ice cream and is not expensive for students. It’s a frozen dessert, so I’d recommend eating it within an hour after thawing. Notes: Tiramisu is an Italian dessert based on mascarpone cheese. It uses an Italian ladyfinger biscuit instead of a traditional sponge cake and adds ingredients like sugar, eggs, coffee, cocoa powder, etc. There’s a romantic love story about tiramisu. It was a dessert that an Italian wife made for her soldier husband before he went fighting in WWII. Tiramisu is a metaphor to “take me away” in this story.

4. Ready To Drink Cold Brew Coffee
For me, having caffeine before going to classes is the best thing, but black coffee is always way too strong. This cold brew coffee from TJ’s is a bit sweet and undoubtedly not bitter or sour. I normally drink cold brew coffee with a bit of milk and sugar. For this one, I can drink it without any extra flavors. Notes: Cold brew coffee is a coffee obtained by low-temperature extraction with ice water. The long extraction process reduces the acidity and bitterness in the coffee, forming a cold brew coffee with low acidity.

5. Trader Joes Buttermilk Pancake & All Purpose Baking Mix
It’s a great ingredient for making pancakes at home when you don’t want to go outside for desserts. It provides the tenderness and texture of pancakes while giving you the aroma and richness of buttermilk.

6. Oven Toasted Old Fashioned Organic Oats
I can’t live without hot oats and unsweetened oat milk! I love to add blueberries and strawberries on the top for my lunches. TJ’s oats have a light oatmeal aroma and the taste is soft and sticky. Notes: Oat is a healthy food with high nutritional content. It can reduce people’s cholesterol in the blood. However, excessive consumption would affect the body’s absorption of calcium, iron, and magnesium. The country with the largest total oat production in the world is Russia.

7. Organic Peppermint Tea Caffeine Free

TJ’s peppermint tea comes with a fresh, minty, and cool taste. I like to add a little cold water after brewing it with hot water.  I love to have it when I read a book before going to bed. However, each tea bag is packaged in a separate small plastic bag and it would be better if this product can reduce the amount of plastic bags. Notes: Peppermint is a calorie and caffeine-free herb that can help us freshen our breath, aid digestion, and relieve fatigue.

8. Chile Lime Seasoning Blend
If I could only have two other seasonings besides salt, I would definitely go for the lemon pepper seasoning blend and this chile-lime seasoning blend. It satisfies your craving for a little spiciness and sourness. Notes: The origin of chile peppers is Bolivia, and the earliest cultivation areas are in central and eastern Mexico. It is rich in vitamin C and vitamin B6. Also, lime is a fruit rich in vitamin C. Its largest total production in the world is in India.

Annie is majoring in Environmental Studies and Society, Ethics & Human Behavior at the University of Washington, Bothell. She is passionate about environmental justice, political science, anthropology, and postcolonialism. During her free time, she enjoys watching movies, getting lost in a book, and visiting museums.