How Her Campus Deals with Finals



As the end of the quarter is approaching, many students start feeling anxious and excited at the same time! For some of us, this is the last quarter at our alma-maters, for some – the end of a year and beginning of the long-awaited summer breaks full of adventures and fun. No matter what group you fall into, final exams are the last barrier. Let’s admit one thing:  finals are crap. This article will try to help you to see the silver lining – and some ways to relax and de-stress.


1.       Study groups! Not only you will get prepared for the exam faster, but also have fun while hanging out with your friends. Studies show that having a study group can help students learn things faster, however, it also depends on what type of learner you are. So …

2.       Individual learning outside! It is getting warmer, and parks are such a nice spot for a student to study! So go ahead, grab your books, and go outside! It is perfect time for sunbathing and ice cream, which will help you study better and reduce your anxiety.  

3.       We all love our flip-flops, and will be wearing them quite soon, if not already. Finals week is perfect time to get out pedi done. One, it is relaxing and de – stressing. Two, you can now wear your flip-flops and brag with your supercool toenails!