How to Get Ready For The First Day of College!

The first day of college is just around the corner; we all know hwo dreadful that is. No one wants to leave the summer behind and go back to studying day and night worrying about grades and GPA. So, here are some tips that I use to get ready for the first few days of college.

Finish the Netflix binge sessions before the first day of college: If you don't finish the series you started, you will wan tto watch it even after classes start and that will become a problem. It will make you procrastinate even if you don't want to. So the first thing you need to do is finish up whatever series you're watching before school.

Look over the syllabus of your classes the day before the first day: This will help you get ready for whatever is coming your way for this quarter/ semester. We all know how much college classes can have and looking over it and knowing what's there helps to mentally prepare yourself for the rest of the college days.

Talk to the teacher right after class: This will help you make a connection to the teacher and help them know how you are in the classes. This will help a lot in the future too for any good recommendations or if you need any help with anything else. Some teachers might seem like they don't care about what you do but it's worth trying to get to know them!

Pack your things before the first day: Nobody packs their stuff before classes right? You go to class and remember that you forgot the book or a pen. You ask someone else for a paper or a pen and they're judging you already because it's the first day and you forgot the basic stuff. To avoid all this tension, you need to pack everything the night before, even the food, because no one goes to class without food right?

Get ready to get a butt load of work on the first day of class: Trust me, the first day of college is never like the first day in middle or elementary schools. You get work, nay, a butt load of work right on the first day of class. So brace yourself for this to inevitably happen.

Finish the butt load of work on the first day: Because if you don't, that crap will pile up and you know that you'll NEVER do it unless you start it right away. So instead of crying on the very last day it's due, start right now. 

These are my hacks to prepare for the first day of college!! Even after following all of these, there's no guarantee that life will be amazing with rainbows and unicorns because college is hard and everything sucks. Have fun ya'll!!