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Hey y’all, so I just got my haircut after Halloween, like really short. Overall, if you’ve never gotten your haircut this short, it’s an experience. I measured my hair days before I went in, and after realizing it was long enough to donate, I decided to go through with my pixie cut venture. When I sat in the chair and the barber tied my hair back and cut it off, she asked me if I still wanted to go through with the rest. I nodded and she proceeded with her clippers. I used to have shoulder-length hair pretty often since long hair was too much to maintain for me, especially during hot summers. But as soon as she started shaving, I realized that there’s no turning back. It was more of a satisfying feeling than anything else. Like, “It’s finally happening”.

After doing it I drove up to see my boyfriend and took a picture to show my parents and they all loved it and thought it looked cute. Many friends have been very supportive of my decision to go short, calling it “brave”. Honestly I don’t feel the same way, simply because I’m the type of person to do something if I want to with a “screw it” kinda mentality. After all, it’s just hair, and hair grows back. After changing my profile pictures and posting on IG, I waited to see the rest of my friends’ reactions. The majority of reactions were very positive, however I got a comment on my IG that wasn’t as positive. It read“why”, from a person I knew was very sexist and it kind of got me a little annoyed. All his opinions revolve around the idea that women exist for men’s pleasure and for reproduction. Nothing more. So, knowing his beliefs, I simply said “cause I wanted to” and the amount of dms and likes I got on that comment was many. People saying “wtf was he thinking”, “why doesn’t he keep that to himself”, or an amazing “YOU GO GIRL! SLAAAAYY”. It was all very encouraging to know a lot of people recognized his comment when they saw it. It felt like everything was a little less evil. Did this comment ruin my night? No. But, did the response make my entire day? Yes.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who did that for me :) <3

P.P.S. Shameless Plug: @lilsunnu


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