Everything About Grace Hopper Celebration

What is Grace Hopper Celebration?

Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing or GHC is the world's biggest and largest gathering of women in the technology field. It is a three day conference filled with amazing experiences and networking opportunities. It is designed to showcase the career and research interests of women in the technology field. It is hosted AnitaB.org in partnership with the Association of Computing Machinery or ACM.

Who are AnitaB.org and ACM?

AnitaB.org is an online community that is dedicated towards encouraging more women into pursuing a career in computing and research. It was founded by Dr. Anita Borg in 1987 and today, the organization works with women in computing in more than 50 countries across the world. More information can be found here: anitab.org

ACM is an organization whose goal is to bring students, professionals and researchers together to discuss about the computing field and grow it together. It is a worldwide effort with more than 100,000 members across the globe. P.S. I am an officer at our local ACM chapter on campus, we host some amazing events so please check out our website: uwbacm.com

When is the celebration?

The 2019 celebration will be held from October 2nd- 4th in Orlando, Florida. They are still planning the event so the location and other details have not been confirmed yet. More information will be updated on their website here: ghc.anitab.org

How can I apply/ register?

The general registration for the celebration will open in July 2019. The AnitaB organization provides a scholarship for anyone who needs it. The scholarship covers everything from flights, registration tickets, hotel and ground transportation. The application is due on March 6th 2019 at 5 PM PST. Details about other deadlines is shown in the image below. You can also find this on the inportant dates page: GHC 2019 Calendar

If you are a woman in the technology field, looking for some inspiration and representation, this celebration is for you. It is a place where talented professionals and researchers across the world meet because they believe in a cause. The Grace Hopper Celebration really inspires me and I am beyond excited for it. Hope to see you there!