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Cute Desk Accessory Ideas

Hello everyone! here are some desk accessories that can help you stay both organized through the use of incorporating cute school supplies into your daily life, which can also increase your productivity as may never want to leave your desk again.


Planners & Bullet Journals

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Photo source: shorturl.at/uWXY3

Planners and bullet journals are your key to stay organized with your lists of tasks, but also a kind of space where you can write down your goals, create drawings, and express yourself!


Food Erasers

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Other than just being great tools to erase your mistakes, these little guys are just very eye-catching and adorable to have on your desk, but may be a distraction at times.


Book Stands

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Is your desk space often cluttered with books all over the place? Get some books stands to place your most frequently read books that you can access easily without having to go all the way to your bookshelf.


Pencil Holders

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Although many of us already own pencil holders, why not try switching it out with something more colorful and cute? It helps you keep track of where you placed your pencils from your colored pencils and even pens, with also keeping your desk clean and neat.


Eunkyong Oh attends the University of Washington, Bothell. She is majoring in Media and Communication studies and hopes to also graduate with a Business major. She enjoys writing, taking photos, and editing videos as those are skills she will need to continue with her studies, and find future opportunities in her field. Through journalism she hopes to be able to share stories and bring attention to certain issues that aren't being addressed.
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