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Club Spotlight: Latinx Student Union 2017-2018

Latinx Student Union is one of the many Cultural clubs on the UWB campus this year and is one of the fastest growing hubs on campus for Latinx Identifying folxs! Over 45 students showed up to this quarter’s first general meeting and interest is growing on the daily!

Latinx Student Union started in 2012 on the UWB campus and has been expanding and transforming every year since, this year LSU not only shifted into new leadership but made a few changes to their mission statement:

“LSU’s mission at the University of Washington Bothell is to amplify the voice, increase visibility, and raise awareness of self-identified Latinx individuals on campus, and the communities we belong to. This mission is fulfilled through the planning of cultural, academic, and social events that portray the different aspects of Latin American cultures. We strive to make LSU a transformational space that celebrates and empowers our communities through our shared experiences and joys. We affirm intersectional identities and take a political stance on social issues affecting the Latinx community in Washington and the United States.”

LSU strives to empower and amplify the voices of its members and to make a positive and visible impact on campus this year and for years to follow.  Some of their most known events on campus are their yearly celebration of Dia De Los Muertos, Latinx Cultural Night (campus wide dance) and their Latinx Graduation that celebrates graduating Latinx students and their families. Latinx Student Union meets on Tuesdays from 3:45-4:45pm in the IDEA Project Room UW1-161 this Fall Quarter. Their meetings consist of open space for discussions and community gathering spaces and activities to interact and connect with each other.

There is no special way to join LSU all you have to do is come to one of the meetings! There you can meet the officers and sign up for the weekly emails and meet other Latinx identifying students and allies! If you can’t make the weekly meetings this quarter LSU changes meeting times according to student response before the start of every quarter. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat @lsuuwb. OrgSync is also a good way to connect with LSU and all other clubs available on the UWB campus! If you have any questions and or comments you can also email them at: lsuuwb@uw.edu or contact any of the officers.

The 2017-2018 officers:

President- Angelica Mendoza

Vice President- Adrian Garcia

Secretary- Marissa Rayo

Treasurer- Itayetzin Galicia

Events Coordinator- Daniela Murguia

Public Relations- Rocio Barajas

Advisor- Marlene Manzo


Angelica Mendoza is a Sophomore at UW Bothell with an intended Major in Media & Communications and a minor in Diversity Studies. Pronouns are Her, Hers, Ella. She aspires to inspire Latinas and Womxn of color to challenge the way media portrays them and to break barriers that are placed in front of them because of where they come from or who they are. She wants to be a voice in the media for young womxn because we are real womxn with real stories and valid opinions! She is proud to be a xicana and loves traveling, meeting new people and going out to new places with her friends and family!
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