Campus Conversations: Are Fries and Ice Cream Good Together?

For this weeks campus conversations we went around asking UWB students if they thought fries and ice cream are a good combination together? Here are some of the the replies we got!!


Now about 9 out of 10 students on campus were 100% for it, saying



“HELLA YEAH, it's sooo good!”- Non-Binary 22


“Yaaassss best combo, salty and sweet with a crunch (mmm).” - Female 20


And then there were students that were for it but had some personal rules


“Yasssssssss BUT it can't be any crazy ice cream flavor, only chocolate or vanilla, ya feel?”- Female 21


“Yes, of course, although you should only be dipping in the fries in the ice cream, they shouldn't just be sitting in the ice cream or the ice cream on top of the fries, there's a technique to it.” - Male 19


Then there was the small percentage of those that didn't like the combination together

“ Ewwwwwww, no, not at all, I dont like sweet and salty stuff together. Like I kettle corn and i absolutely DESPISE syrup with like eggs or sausage, i just can’t.” - Female 18


“ No, don't do it, I don't understand the satisfaction, plus your fries get soggy, ew” -  Male 26