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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWB chapter.

The break everyone is waiting for is coming up in just a couple months. It’s time to start planning your trips whether they’re within the country or not. If you’re considering traveling to these destinations anytime soon, here are the best times to go to these places when prices are low.

1. Hawaii

Everyone loves Hawaii, but it’s definitely one of the more expensive U.S. destinations. I did some digging and found that Business Insider had the best tips for flying to Hawaii.  

  • Flights to Hawaii can be up to $175 cheaper in January or February than during the typical high season.
  • Hotel rooms in Hawaii are typically the cheapest from September through mid-December.
  • Rainfall is at its lowest in Hawaii from April through September, but hurricane season lasts from approximately June 1 to November 3.
  • If you want to avoid crowds, don’t book trips during July or December, the first and second busiest months for visitors, respectively.

2. Japan

Japan is a pretty darn expensive place to travel to. The worst places to fly to Japan are when the seasons are in full motion with sakura blossoms blooming in April and when the trees turn a beautiful orange in November. Forbes.com had a few different tips and tricks on how to fly to Japan at a reasonable rate. 

  • Domestic Air Discounts. If you’re headed beyond Japan’s main Tokyo gateway, look into discounted air fares such as the Star Alliance Japan Airpass offered by All Nippon Airways and the OneWorld Yokoso Visit Japan Fare by Japan Airlines. 
  • Discounted Air Fares. Some carriers offer less expensive fares for passengers who forgo some benefits like frequent flier points and changeable tickets. For example, Singapore Airlines lets you choose three fares on its Los Angeles to Tokyo route; for the cheapest you’ll get only half the frequent flier points, and no cancellations are allowed.
  • Travel Off-Peak.  Cherry blossom and autumn foliage times (usually around early April and mid-November, respectively) are peak season for Japanese travelers, meaning peak hotel rates. Traveling during the off-season (late autumn through March, except for the New Year’s holiday season) can save you a bundle. Watch out for other peak times around only-in-Japan holidays, such as the holiday seasons called Golden Week and Obon (April 29 to May 5 and around mid-August, respectively).


3. Europe 

The worst thing about Europe is that every season is pretty much a peak season. It’s a travel destination where any season is an expensive time to go. But the travel blog, Fare Compare, stated that traveling during the winter season would be the best time to go. 

  • From early December to about mid-March. This period is the best time to fly to Europe, price-wise, because few want to fly in cold-weather months. 
  • There is one exception; people do want to fly during the Christmas/New Year’s holiday period so that will be expensive but don’t worry about missing the wonderful Christmas markets of Europe because many open in the cheap month of November.

4. South Korea

South Korea is the first place I want to go once I have the funds to take myself there. I’m always looking for the ideal time to travel and U.S. News laid out all the best times in terms of price and weather for us nice and easy. 

  • Autumn airfare and hotel prices are also more affordable compared to summer rates, and the thinning crowds mean shorter lines at major attractions
  • During Chuseok (a public holiday in South Korea), keep in mind that travel could become busier and rates are likely to spike, as the holiday is considered as big as Lunar New Year (the country’s biggest holiday).

Whether or not these are destinations you’ve been considering, wherever you want to go, always do your research on the best times to travel. Especially as a young student, finding the best deals is always a must, so hopefully this gave you a better idea of ideal times to travel. Happy traveling!

Loralyn Narvaez is a California Native who previously attended UWB. Although she currently lives back in California, she served as Head Writer for the chapter publishing articles and writing her own. She recently graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications and a Business minor and was Campus Correspondent for HC UCSD. She is currently attending CSU Fullerton pursuing her Master's Degree in Communications. Her interests include cosmetics, fashion, food, literature, linguistics, and Asian culture.
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