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7 Fashion Trends To Try Out For Spring!

Tinted frames Sunglasses

Tinted sunglasses have been a big trend lately, and perfect now that the sun’s starting to come out. These come in many different colors and shapes so you can find the perfect pair of shades for you!

Floral detail

Floral embroidery and floral detail is super in right now! Floral has always been a spring look, with the flowers blooming around us gives us inspiration to incorporate it into our wardrobe. You can find flowers embroidered on shoes, bags, jeans, shirts and so on! Or if you’re feeling creative, you could buy some flower patches, and embroider your own clothes/accessories. For example, I bought patches and added them to a simple pair or white vans to personalize the look!

Graphic Tees

A t-shirt is perfect for the warmer spring weather! Graphic tees have been in for a while. But they’re also good way to get your message across, for example you could get a “girl power” shirt that stands for female empowerment! Or if you’re just looking for something casual, the options are endless in graphic tees.  

Frayed Hem Jeans

This is a hot a new look for a reason! Even though it doesn’t seem like a big difference, you’ll definitley notice! The frayed hem is a little more on the edgy side so if that’s your style go for it! Although these will look cute with any look! This is a great new way to try out your jeans.

White shoes

Now that there’s less rain and mud your shoes won’t get dirty! White is a perfect color for spring shoes! Plus white converse are the perfect spring/summer staple.

Faux fur jean jacket

Jean jackets are perfect for spring! Denim Jackets aren’t usually warm enough for the winters in Washington but they provide just the right amount of warmth for Spring! If you wanna add a little more style to your jean jacket, get one with faux fur. It’s a super cute look and matches with everything!

Juicy Couture

The 2000s are back! Have you been missing the juicy tracksuits? Well don’t worry, Juicy Couture is making it’s comeback! It’s now available at Urban Outfitters, go get juicy!

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