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5 CW Shows You Need To Watch Right Now

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWB chapter.

Riverdale: You might already know what this show is because duh Cole Sprouse. He made his come back to TV with this show and everyone freaked out when this show first came out. The first season was filled with mystery and drama and became a huge hit. CW renewed it for a season 2 and by the looks of it, it looks amazing so far. 

Arrow: This show is probably one of my favorite super hero TV shows because of the amazing action scenes. The first two seasons are incredible and the next two become repetitive. But the writers came back with a bang with season 5. The next season is premiering this fall and I can’t be more excited. 

The Flash: This show is the first spin off of Arrow and is located in the same DC fictional universe. This is a lot more super hero ish than the Arrow with meta humans and a lot more. This show has equal parts of comedy, action and adventure. I absolutely love this show. 

The 100: This show is one of my favorite shows of all time. It’s set in a post apocalyptic world where a 100 children are sent to the earth from space to see if it’s inhabitable again. What happens next is crazy drama between life and death and how they survive. The writers do a great job of consistently continuing the story interestingly and believably. 

Supernatural: If you’re looking for something long and filled with excitement, this show will be your favorite. It is a very long series, to be exact 12 seasons and running. It is a horror show so it has a lot of drama and surprise elements. It’s a great show with amazing actors and it’s definitely worth a watch. 

Prathyusha Pillari is a 19-year-old senior at University of Washington, Bothell where she majors in Computer Science and Software Engineering. She was born in India and spent 14 years of her life there before moving to the United States. She is an advocate of women's rights and equality. She loves creative writing, traveling, driving around in her car and stalking people on Instagram.