The Work Place As Told By Jenna Marbles

Most people have had or are in a current job position that just never seemed to work out. There was always something (or everything) that made you less and less “excited” to go to work. Whether it was a coworker, the customers, or just the work itself, you found a way to get out of there. Good for you! And who better to explain the workplace than Jenna Mourey (a.k.a. Jenna Marbles), psychology major turned famous youtuber, about pursuing other dreams of not having to work with people she absolutely could not stand.

Every time you wake up, you always consider calling in sick so you can stay in bed all day.

Having that one coworker that thinks they're a manager.

You imagine all the things you could be doing if you weren’t working.

And sometimes you like to ponder over what it would be like if you had gone to college for something else.

If only you could be Beyoncé.

It always seems to be the nicest days when you work…

…but the crappiest when you have off.

When it’s slow, you literally are finding anything to do to kill time. Like google mapping where people live.

You try to avoid that one coworker who doesn’t have a mute button.

Any. Way. Possible.

You tried so hard to get this job and now all you want to do is fade into the background.

You will always be hungry because you are so bored. Even if you ate before work.

So you always bring something to easily make to snack on.

An extremely attractive customer walks in and you really hope they have to talk to you.

Because who wouldn’t want to talk to you.

You’re an equally sexual creature.

And when that specimen goes to you for help, you self-destruct and usually embarrass yourself enough to get someone else to help the customer instead.

You intently watch the clock 30 minutes before you’re done with your shift.

You avoid any managers 10 minutes before you’re done working so they don’t make you stay longer.

You race home because you just cannot be wearing adult pants anymore.

And you throw on those legging!

But at the end of the day, you love your job. It pays for your wine.