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Snapchat streaks have been around since early 2016. Snapchat streaks are when two people send each other at least one photo or video snap around the same time everyday. It has become a meme on Tik Tok with people mocking those who do “extreme” things just to do their streaks. It has also become a stress for some people. 

I, unlike the rest of Millenials and Gen Z, don’t care for Snapchat. I still have it downloaded on my phone for when I go to concerts or long distance trips, but I don’t actively use it. Up until April 12th, 2019, I used to stress about streaks. At one point, I even had nine streaks going at once. I didn’t usually do anything exciting with my streaks; maybe at first, but then I just tapered off into doing the time stamp or the temperature stamp. See my first snap streak pic below. As someone who doesn’t use Snapchat at all really, I found that keeping up with streaks was a chore. I got to the point in 2018 where I wasn’t even going to open them and now in April 2019, I have several movies to watch from some of my old streaks. The reason that I quit on my streaks – gasp – was because I just didn’t find a point to it. I saw one of my streaks in class and would just hit her up on Facebook if I wanted to talk to her. The other streak was from an old friend that doesn’t even care I exist anymore. In fact, she’s trying to get the streak back up just because she lost a number on her streak list. Trust me, I know she has at least 15. 

But none of the streaks were benefiting my relationship with the people. It wasn’t my main source of talking to them, so I quit and I lost that sense of stress and obligation. It’s liberating.   

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