Why Graphic Design Students Are Actually Business Students

Recently we've debated whether Graphic Design falls into Art or Design. Something that hasn't been featured in the debate is the constant comparison of Graphic Design to Business. Art students even refer to Graphic Designers as the "Business Majors of Art". Are these students really Business adjacent, or just part of Business itself?

  1. 1. Presentation

    Business majors can be very easy to identify between classes. A lot of professors give us extra credit for business professionalism, and we're required to dress up for presentations. We're not slacking in sweats and sneakers on the regular, and neither are the graphic design students after they've moved beyond using charcoal. 

  2. 2. Networking

    Nobody goes harder at networking than all of us! We may have finely curated resumes and stellar references, but you all are coming in with professionally designed business cards and comprehensive portfolios. Networking is our life blood.  

  3. 3. Classes

    Principles of Marketing, Professional and Technical Communication, Integrated Marketing Communication, and Project Management anyone? These are just a FEW of the courses I've shared with Graphic Design students. You can't keep sitting next to us and borrowing notes if you can't admit we're incredibly similiar. 

  4. 4. Career Prospects

    Career conferences and networking events are looking for the best of the best. And more often than not, they're looking for business and graphic design. It's the dynamic duo. 

  5. 5. A Lot of You Transfer into Our Program Anyway

    Though finance and accounting aren't part of the design curriculum, a lot of you decide to switch over anyway. And we're totally ready to help you calculate straight line depreciation when you make the change!

You don't have to decide whether the business adjacent graphic design is part of the art program. It's just good to accept that they're basically management in the first place.