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Warmth Without The Layers


Since we’re not as fortunate to be covered in a coat of warmth like our puppy pals, going for a walk outside in the winter requires us to bundle up to stay cozy. By the time enough layers are added to bare the cold, it can feel like you’re wearing an entire wardrobe.


Whether you’re the athletic-type who runs a few miles every day, or one who only witnesses the cold on the walk to class, there’s a way to keep warm without dragging out the snow pants and long underwear. Luckily, it doesn’t require so many layers.


Fleece-Lined Leggings


Comfortable and soft, these leggings can keep your legs warm and will match any outfit just as a normal pair would. Perfect for running long distance or jazzing up with a dress.


Fur-Lined Boots


Boots have always been known to keep toes warm, but they haven’t always been stylish. However, brands such as Sorel and UGG Australia have introduced a functional boot that not only keeps you warm, but also trendy at the same time. Additionally, you no longer feel the bulkiness from the double-layered socks.


Funnel-Neck Sweatshirt


You no longer need to worry about a bulky sweatshirt and scarf underneath your coat. A funnel-neck style provides warmth from your neck to your waist without the bulk. Since these wonderful garments are thermal, an undershirt isn’t required.


Fuzzy Jacket


Shivering isn’t an option with one of these. Not to mention the soft fabric feels like you’re wrapped in a blanket.


Foundation Beanie Hat


Supportive, cute, and warm: a beanie hat such as Love Your Melon does the trick. Not to mention they support children in America with cancer. 

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