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UW Stout Celebrates the LGBTQ Community with Awards Ceremony

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UW Stout chapter.

The Qube is a great place for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Question students, and their allies at UW-Stout.  Located in the Price Commons room 141/143, the Qube is open Monday through Thursday from 10am through 7:30pm and on Fridays from 10am through 4pm.  It was exciting to learn more about the Qube and how Stout has made an impact on this community.  “The Qube has helped to create strong community for the LGBTQ students and office at UW-Stout. With this we can expect constant growth and increased communication for the LGBTQ students and LGBTQ activism,” states Robert Felton, LGBTQ 2013-2014 President.

On Thursday, April 3, The Qube held what they called the “gay Oscars,” aka the Gayla, where the Qube gives out “Qubie Awards”. “Student and faculty advocates have been working hard for years to help create this amazing inclusive climate at Stout. The support for the LGBTQ community here is now so active that we need to show recognition for our advocates and allies, simply because they deserve it! We have come a long way and this is how we show our thanks.”  Angela Oaks, LGBTQ 2014-2015 President tells us.

One award that I thought was unique was the Debra Davis Award for Transgender Advocacy.  This award was named in honor of UW-Stout alumnae Debra Davis.  She graduated in 1969 with a Bachelor’s in education and further completed a Master’s degree in communications media technology in 1988.  “Ms. Davis went on to become an award-winning transgender educator, activist, and nationally renowned speaker, trainer, and author.  She is Executive Director of the Gender Education Center, a Minnesota non-profit organization of transgender people dedicated to support advocacy and education, and winner of over a dozen awards from local and national organizations ,including the Human Rights Campaign, Curve Magazine, OutFront Minnesota, and Twin Cities Pride,” LGBTQ Program Coordinator, Julie Miller told the audience.  After Ms. Davis came out in 1998 as a transgender woman, she became one of the first successful transitions in the nation.  She continues to support UW-Stout by donating to the Gender 7 Sexuality Alliance.  She shared with us how important it is to continue to support your school.

Below are the awards and their recipients.

Fantastic Freshman

Coltan Schoenike

Undergrad of the Year

Angie Oaks

Faculty Ally of the Year

Debra Davis Award for Transgender Advocacy

Dr. Markie Blumer

Staff Ally of the Year

Adam Ludwig

Housing Ally Award

Molly Harvey

LGBTQ Friendly Organization of the Year

Ally Initiatives- Represented by Katie Quinn

Qubie of the Year

Jill Nerison

Outstanding GSA Member

Robert Felton

Outstanding Qube Staff Member

Justin Nelson

Community Ally of the Year

Bailey Britton

Lifetime Achievement Award for LGBTQ Advocacy

Scott Griesbach       


Scott Griesbach Award for Excellence in LGBTQ Advocacy

Robert Felton

All photo credit to Her Campus (UW-Stout) photographer Alex Geller.

Laura (Lo), originally from Milwaukee, WI, is an alumni of Her Campus and the University of Wisconsin - Stout. She majored in Professional Communication & Emerging Media and Strategic Communication. Lo was involved with Her Campus as a High School Journalism & Publicity Ambassador, Chapter Advisor and Campus Correspondent for HC UW-Stout. Laura is currently a Social Media Specialist for Fence Talk Digital and does freelance writing occasionally. Feel free to follow her on Twitter or add her on LinkedIn.