Top Ten Spooky Stories to Read This Halloween Season

It's officially spooky season, and that means it's time for some spooky stories. Who doesn't love a scary story on the cold autumn nights dedicated to running around in costume? 

Circle around your closest friends with some hot chocolate, blankets and flashlights, and enjoy the following stories. 

DISCLAIMER: Read at your own risk! 



  1. 1. Ben Drowned 

    A creepypasta story written from the perspective of someone who goes to a yard sale and gets a lot more than he bargained for.

  2. 2. I Have To Tell This Story... 

  3. 3. Paranormal Encounters 

  4. 4. Ticci-Toby

    This one you'll just have to read for yourself...

  5. 5. Joliet the Cursed Doll 

    Family heirlooms that aren't so fun...

  6. 6. "Come on In" 

    Be careful which house door you knock on this Halloween.

    (There are also other short stories on this site...)

  7. 7. The Haunted House 

  8. 8. Halloween Horror 

    A story of unexplained laughter ...

  9. 10. Facebook 

    Creepy Messages from a passed love one reach a whole new level beyond a hacker.



Happy Halloween! 

Additional DISCLAIMER: Extensive research for this article cursed the computers of everyone involved...