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The Top Ten Nonspooky Halloween Movies Everyone Will Love

If you love Halloween movies but you get spooked easily, don't worry we've got you covered! We are here to tell you about the top ten, non scary Halloween movies to cover all of your movie night needs! 

Twitches (2005)

Twins reunited on there 21st Birthday to save their kingdom from evil... what did you do on your 21st birthday? 

Twitches is the perfect throwback movie to watch with lots of snacks and cozy PJs with your friends.  From the sisterly love, the early 2000's outfits, and the perfect happily ever after, this movie will send you reminiscing about all of your high school Halloween memories.

Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

If your relationship isn't shooting for Jack and Sally goals, then you are doing it wrong! 

This animated classic will hit you in the feels every time and the musical numbers will make you want to sing and dance. This movie is a perfect way to finish out the Halloween season and get you in the mood for Christmas!

Matilda (1996)

When I was yonger I wanted Matilda's magic, now I just want her math skills to help me get through my gen eds!

Even though Matilda isn't a stereotypical Halloween movie; this book reading, math expert, magic doing little girl will get anyone in the Halloween mood. This is the perfect movie for even the biggest scaredy-cat. We suggest watching this one with a big piece of chocolate cake!

Halloweentown (1998)

We love a woman who is the hero in her own story and who knows the importance of family love!

Goblins, vampires, werewolf, witches, and a giant jack-o-lantern! What else could you ask for in a Halloween flick? Relive your childhood fantasy of finding out you were a witch with this fun family flick. 


Hocus Pocus (1993)

"Oh. Look another glorious morning. It makes me sick"-Winifred Sanderson or every college student ever!

The only thing scary about this movie is the number of times it will make you laugh. Get ready for a fun night filled with everyone's favorite witchy sisters! 

Hotel Transylvania (2012)

We all want to know Mavis's skincare routine to keep her skin looking that fresh at 118 years old, and if it is vampirism you can sign me up!

Join the monster party that is happening at Hotel Transylvania! Just make sure to be ready for anything.  You never know who you will meet in this spooky hotel! This movie is perfect to watch while you are babysitting, hanging out with your siblings, or with your roommates. 

Adams Family (1991)

We all have that one family member that we believe would fit right it with Adam's family and if you don't know who it is it's probably you!

This throwback from the past is the perfect Halloween movie to bring just the right amount of weird to your night. We also suggest that you make it a double feature and hit the theater to go and see the new animated version! 

Ghostbusters (1984)

"When there is something strange in your neighborhood who you gonna call?" You are welcome for now getting the best theme song ever stuck in your head! 

We love the Ghostbusters almost as much as we love the monsters they are trying to protect us from. I mean come on who doesn't want a big hug from the Marshmallow Man? This cinematic masterpiece is a must-see before the end of spooky season!  

Casper (1995)

Let's admit it, one of your first crushes as a child was Casper and we all wished we were Kat during the Halloween dance!

The only ones who will be scared during this ghost movie are the ghosts. This movie is sure to make you feel all the feels. You laugh, cry, and even swoon. This movie is great to watch with the next generation to pass down this friendly Halloween movie tradition. 

Warm Bodies (2013)

We love a good Romeo Juliet love story and when you add zombies it makes it all the better!

Looking for a good Halloween Romcon, look no further than Warm Bodies. This slightly cringy but overall adorable movie is the perfect fit for any Halloween date or Spooky girls night. By the end of this movie, you will be wishing you had a zombie boy in your life! 

Hope you have a Spooktacular season!

Hi, my name is Margaret Schultz. I am a junior at UW-Stout in the business administration program with a minor in communication. My hope is to go on and get my master's in divinity. I love hanging out with my family and friends, teaching Sunday School, reading, and exploring!
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