The Top Reasons Students Chose UW-Stout

Her Campus asked X people why they chose to attend UW-Stout over other schools, and the answers are convincing for any perspective student:

“I decided to come to Stout because it wasn’t too far from home and after calling my advisor here, she told me about all the amazing programs and classes for my major.” – Mariah R.

“Price, location, size and major.” – Carly W.

“Stout had my major, it was one out of maybe 3 or 4 schools in Wisconsin that did. Also, the cost was a huge factor.” – Gabrielle G.

“Expanding from the majors, I liked how hands on classes seemed to be (class size, discussions, etc.). Also, from my perspective it's "far enough from home but not too far away. It’s a different atmosphere for some people but it's close enough to 'bigger cities/towns' i.e. Eau Claire, Hudson and MSP!” – Allison B.

“Good engineering school, price, and class size.” – Austen B.

“I chose to attend Stout because I was a student at UMD looking for something different…Going into my sophomore year, I decided to change my school AND my major entirely. UW-Stout was one of two schools within the Minnesota/Wisconsin area (close enough to home) that had apparel design as a major. I never even took a campus tour, I simply drove through campus, walked out of the car onto the sidewalks of Menomonie for about 10 minutes, and decided then and there that this was the perfect school for me. Since then, I have changed my major twice (totaling 4 majors overall) but the experiences I have had while attending this school as well as the many doors that have been opened for me are some things I am so incredibly grateful for.” – Laura R.

“A school with dietetics and a very friendly atmosphere.” – Kailee J.

“Close to home and the classes are hands on and not always lecture rooms.” – Alex G

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