Seven Steps to Upgrade Girls Night

Everyone wants to have a fun, unforgettable night with their girls. With these seven steps, you can have one for the ages!

Step 1: Do Some Research on Interesting and New Drinks to Make.

Find some lifestyle blogs and mixology websites for inspiration and fresh recipes. Sites such as; The Taylor House,, and Imbibe Magazine are a great place to start. Try and find a recipe you haven’t done before, with ingredients you’ve always wanted to try, and with a fun name that sparks your creativity!

Step 2: Get a Drink Menu for the Night

Ideally everyone in your group should have their signature cocktail for the evening. You won’t have to drink everything, but you should go into the night with an idea of what you want to try or knowing if something has ingredients can’t stomach. You should get a game plan together in advance so everyone’s cocktail choices can shine!

Step 3: Get Your Group Together for Ingredients.

Get your girl gang together and hit the market! If you go together, it’ll be easier to bounce ideas off each other, share ingredients, and take full advantage of sales. You’ll also get more time to hand out with your girls and that’s always great.

Step 4: Get a Matching Drink Set

What will really set your girls night apart from the countless others is some coordinated matching. Getting a pack of fun set of identical, complementing, or similar glasses will give your group a much more sophisticated feel. You can find an infinite supply of drink sets through Amazon, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Etsy. You might even be able to strike gold at a thrift store or local boutique.

Step 5: Make Drinks Together

Even though you’re going to be trying a lot of different drinks throughout the night, you can still make them all together. Set aside a table or two for ingredients and prep, and get the night going with your first drink. You can have a designated person put drinks together, have each person lead the making of the drink they’ve prepared, or make it a free for all with the drinks doled out in an order. Do whichever feels best for your crew and don’t sweat the details.  

Step 6: Make Your Drinks Really Special

You’re not doing the regular Rum and Coke tonight, and you can really flaunt that! Add special ingredients to show off creativity with your drink choice. Take things like whipped cream, fruit, flowers, and other garnishes to unleash presentation potential.  

Step 7: Cheers to a Successful Girl’s Night!

You’ve brought your typical girls’ night from Long Islands in coffee mugs to a classy affair with specialty drinks in specialty glasses. Enjoy spending your night sipping away at sweet success. Here’s to many more!