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Secrets of a Product Junky


I admit I am borderline obsessive about makeup.  I could also probably open a small store with the amount of products that I own.  Ask me if I have tried a product and the guaranteed answer is “yes.”  While being so obsessed with products has its downfalls (endless hours reading product reviews and lots of money spend on products I haven’t even opened) I’ve learned the importance of understanding illusions (makeup is one BIG illusion), letting go and being okay with being “enough” and have learned that by keeping myself healthy on the inside will radiate to the outside.  So here are some secrets from a product junky.

No one notices your flaws except for you.  We naturally have the tendency to compare ourselves to others and usually when we compare ourselves to someone else we are comparing our flaws to their strengths.  So, chances are people are noticing your beautiful hair or your big smile rather than noticing that zit or the fact that your eyeliner isn’t perfect.  If you don’t let little flaws get to you most people will be drawn to your confidence and that is beautiful in itself.

Simpler is always better.  Name brands and higher price tags does not mean a product is going to work better.  Yes, sometimes you get what you pay for, but don’t expect a product to perform all of its promises.  If you take a look at the ingredients you will probably notice that most products are made of the same ingredients so that acne wash that is $40 is going to work about the same as the drugstore one for $10. 

Take sales associates advice.  Sales associates are very well knowledgeable and informed on the products they are selling.  They can recommend products that are best suited for you and will even demonstrate how to use them.  Trust them!

Read product reviews but don’t rely on them.  Everyone has different preferences and a product will work differently with everyone’s chemistry.  Although a product has a five star rating, you might hate it!  Reviews are great for finding products to try but make sure to get a sample before spending money on it.

When you find something you like, stick to it.  This also means you have to give products time to start working.  Don’t give up if you don’t see results after 1 week.  Most products take about 4-6 weeks to start seeing results.  Once you find a product that works, stick with it.  Your skin will thank you for it.

Remember no one is perfect.  No one has naturally perfect skin or naturally long lashes.  That natural look with the matte and nude lip may look effortless but it probably took that person at least an hour to do.  But, go ahead and emphasize your favorite feature!




My name is Rachel Kolias and I am from St. Paul, Minnesota. I am a junior at UW- Stout studying Professional Communication and Emerging Media with a concentration in Applied Journalism. I am a dedicated tea drinker, yogi, Lindy Hopper, musician, blogger and dog lover.
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