Room-By-Room Deep Cleaning for the Upcoming Holidays

There’s no better feeling than coming home to a clean house where every surface is dust and germ-free so you and all your upcoming guests for the holidays can breathe easy (literally). Here is a list of things we all forget about when we are cleaning that are just as important as the ones we typically clean. By following this room-by-room cleaning list, you can also combat the typical cold that winter likes to bring with it. These will have your home or apartment looking and feeling fresh.



  • Just like pillowcases, pillows collect dead skin, germs, and dirt from every use. Gently wash and dry thoroughly afterward.


  • Same as pillows, gently wash comforters and blankets at least twice a year (or more). If possible, I recommend air drying comforters/blankets for an air-fresh smell and less work on your dryer.


  • Vents trap lots of dust and even mold. Be sure to dust and vacuum all the vents on a regular basis. This is where you will see an immediate improvement in breathing in your home. 

Handles/Light Switches

  • These are surfaces we touch multiple times daily, though washing the surface is helpful, giving them a thorough wash every once in awhile by removing them from the wall or door. 


  • An easy way to make your room look awesome and smell even better is to first vacuum, followed up by a good mopping session every week (to month) to wipe away those germs where your feet walk on a daily basis. 


  • Despite the pain of taking down and putting back up curtains, curtains can hold in dust, germs, oils from your hand, etc. Give them a gentle wash and dry thoroughly. 


  • Fans are great for air circulation but aren't great when they are just blowing around dust. Wipe the blades with a cleaning solution or Clorox wipes for an easy wipe.


Hair Brushes

  • Hair brushes are the perfect breeding ground for germs, dust, dead skin and hair products. Giving them a good cleaning by removing all the hair and using a q-tip with some shampoo to remove the gunk. Soak in warm water and rinse thoroughly. 

Mirrors w/ Newspaper

  • A tip I learned was when cleaning a mirror, to get that streak-free clean, use newspaper to wipe away the Windex. Note: Avoid using the shiny newspaper.


  • Walls collect germs, dust, hand prints, etc so cleaning them with some warm soapy water is an excellent way to keep them sparkly clean.

Under the Toilet Seat

  • Don't forget after scrubbing the inside of the toilet to clean the bottom where germs lay. Germs from the water splashing outside the bowl can create a very unsanitary area to do your business. 


  • Loofahs should be replaced regularly. Natural loofahs should only be used for 3-4 weeks while plastic ones can last up to 2 months. Anything after, you are just dispersing bacteria around your body. To maintain a clean loofah, weekly soaks in hydrogen peroxide, hot water, and vinegar can help. 

Shower curtain liner

  • We typically think of the shower as the place to get clean but germs love the humidity from those hot showers we all love, especially in winter! 

Living Room

Behind couches/chairs/tables

  • Don't forget to vacuum up those dust bunnies that collect behind big furniture pieces. 

TV & TV remote

  • The TV and remotes are often forgotten about, though used often by many. Gently clean the tv and remote with a damp cloth in warm soapy water.Wipe dry thoroughly. 


  • Sofas are notorious for collecting dead skin cells, saliva, and much more. Despite the hassle of cleaning them, they get enough use so they require regular cleanings to maintain a clean smelling, feeling, and looking sofa. 


Top of the fridge/microwave

  • Wipe away any dust or grease that somehow manages to sneak itself up there.

Inside the microwave

  • Old food that splatters on the sides can get moldy over time if left uncleaned. Wipe with a cloth in water that is as hot as you can stand to help melt away old food for a clean, germ-free space to reheat your food.

Defrost the freezer

  • If the walls of your freezer are covered in frost and ice then it probably isn't going to be running as efficiently as it's designed to. First, empty all the contents into a different freezer or cooler Tip: If it's cold enough, store food temporarily outside. Avoid slashing and stabbing the accumulated ice. Instead, boil a pot of water and place inside to allow the ice to melt. I advise placing a towel underneath to catch melting water.


  • The kitchen sink not only holds dirty dishes but it leftover food and bacteria also clings. Wipe the sink down with hot soapy water and voila! 


  • Sponges are a harbor of bacteria and germs. Clean sponges weekly, and toss them every 2-3 weeks. 

Garbage Can

  • Even with garbage bags, garbage cans hold all your trash. Give it a good thorough wash once a month to maintain a clean (and smell-free) garbage can.


Computer keyboard

  • As gross as it may sound, lots of dust and dead skin falls into the nooks and crannies of our keyboards. If you can't remove the keys or the entire keyboard, try taking some q-tips to clean in and around each key. I recommend using Clorox wipes to wipe the rest off. 

Cell phone & Phone case

  • Most of us use our phones daily so you can imagine all the germs and gunk built up between the phone and the case. Use a damp cloth with some warm soapy water to help remove any impurities.This will also help improve screen touch performance. 


We use our toothbrushes to get out the germs in our mouths, they also sit in one of the most germ-infested rooms of our house. Soak your toothbrush in antibacterial mouthwash and rinse thoroughly before using. Note: you can also do this with hydrogen peroxide & change out the hydrogen peroxide daily.


  • These are probably the most unclean thing on the list, but also the most used. Keys come into contact with thousands of germs daily. Wash them with a little soap and water occasionally to keep them shiny and clean.

Contact Lens Case

  • We clean our contacts but forget our contact cases. Unclean cases result in unclean contacts. Pour some extra saline solution and give a gentle scrub and rinse. 


  • Removable earbuds periodically need a good soak in cleaning solution and water. For big studio headphones, wipe with a cloth in warm soapy water to remove germs and buildup. 

Laundry Basket

  • They carry clean laundry but can be dirty as well. Wash with cleaning solution and dry for clean laundry every time. 

This is also a good time to mention that cleaning out things like old storage and purses to de-clutter can help you organize your space. Keep your home or apartment looking sparkling clean and smelling holiday-ready just in time for all your guests to arrive.