Parks and Rec Moments College Students Know to be True

This time of year is rough for college students, so let's take a few minutes to laugh at how the misery of the Parks and Rec crew can relate to our own.

Finals time is coming!

And look, yet another oh so original article of gifs from a popular TV show; no one's done that before!

In classes where your professor can't figure out how they're going to grade you and is basically these two.

It seems like your professors want everything from you.

When your professor is waffling on whether to hold a final in class or not.

When your professor says the final is outside of class.

Avoiding everything for as long as possible.

Justifying hours of Netflix to yourself.

Cursing your past self for procrastinating.

All eating becomes stress-eating (no regrets).

Needing ridiculous amounts of reassurance.

But it's okay because you can lean on your friends; after all, misery loves company.

Cramming for a test, or a paper, or basically anything that you tried to make time for and failed.

Telling yourself that you got this, even if you don't.

Building your self esteem in the hopes it will make you do better.

Really just making any effort to do anything.

Starting the test and realizing not even multiple choice can save you now.

And things started out so well too.

Finishing a test with no clue what just happened (aka Chris Traeger).

Making BIG mistakes.

Waiting for that finals grade seems weeks longer than it actually takes.

Thinking you nailed that test, but you barely passed.

When the opposite happens and you pass with flying (or Christmas) colors.

When your brain on sleep deprivation is more insane than your drunk brain.

As usual, April says it all in one sentence:


There's no escape, but never fear, this won't last forever.